Elon Musk’s Twitter Teeters on the Edge After Another 1,200 Leave

Elon Musk sent Twitter employees a flurry of emails Friday morning with a plea to whoever actually wrote the software please report to the 10th floor at 2 p.m. Thank you Elon, he wrote in a two-paragraph message seen by The New York Times today.

About 30 minutes later Mr. Musk sent another email saying he wanted to know about Twitter’s tech stack, a term used to describe the company’s software and related systems. He asked some people to meet him in person at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Twitter has been on edge since Mr Musk rebuilt the company last month after buying it for $44 billion. The billionaire has worked tirelessly to take its toll on the social media service, slashing its workforce by 50 percent to quell dissidents. who are pursuing new subscription products and delivered a stern message the company needs to shape up or it will face bankruptcy.

The question now is whether Mr. Musk has gone too far. Hundreds of Twitter employees resigned on Thursday after Mr. Musk gave them a cutoff time to choose whether to leave or remain. So many workers chose to depart that Twitter Users began questioning whether the site would turn to tweeting farewell messages for the service and trending hashtags such as #TwitterMigration and #TwitterTakeover.

A few inward gauges showed that no less than 1,200 full-time representatives surrendered Thursday, three individuals near the organization said. Twitter had 7,500 full-time employees at the end of October, following mass layoffs earlier this month were reduced to about 3,700.

Workforce numbers are likely to remain volatile as dust settles on the exits and confusion persists over who is tracking workers and running other workplace systems. Some employees who quit said they felt disconnected from email. and logging out of Slack, the internal messaging system, because the human resources representative was not available.

Representatives for Mr Musk and Twitter did not respond to requests for comment, but the billionaire tweeted on Friday what he said would be a change to Twitter’s content policy. He added that hateful tweets would no longer be promoted algorithmically in users’ feeds, but they would not be removed. They also reinstated several previously banned accounts, including comedian Kathy Griffin and author Jordan Peterson.

Perhaps the most important question now is how Twitter can keep going after drastically downsizing its workforce in such a short amount of time. People with knowledge of the matter said the cutbacks and resignations have affected the company’s technology teams.

Two former employees said a team known as the Twitter Command Center, a 20-person organization critical to preventing outages and technology failures during high-traffic events, resigned multiple times around the world The Core Services team handling the computing architecture was cut from more than 100 people to four people. Other teams that changed the way media appeared in tweets or profiles showed that the number of followers was down to zero people.

A clean exit was offered on Wednesday and the remaining 80 percent left Senior software engineer Peter Claus tweeted about his team’s departure on Thursday 3/75 engineers stayed He said on Twitter that he resigned on Thursday .

Mr Musk is also considering closing one of Twitter’s three main US data centres, a location known as SMF1 in Sacramento California, which is used to store information needed to run the social media site. is said to be done for four people with knowledge of the effort. Assuming that the server farm in Sacramento is taken disconnected it will leave the organization with server farms in Atlanta and Portland Mineral. possibly on the off chance that something bombs There will be less back-up figuring limit.

Twitter is still working, former employees said, but the company may find it difficult to fix serious issues when it comes to work A former Twitter engineer compared the current condition of the support of Looney Tunes animation character Wile E. Of the coyote who was walking off the edge of a cliff, although he may still be running in the air for a while, once he looks down he drops like a stone.

Richard Forno, assistant director of the Center for Cyber ​​Security at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, said that the bigger and more prominent a platform is, the more care and nurturing it needs to run and meet users’ expectations it is a big challenge.

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