Elon Musk’s Upgraded Dragon Saves Stranded Austronauts

SpaceX did something incredible to upgrade the Dragon capsule and bring the astronauts stranded on the ISS back to Earth but how did they do it and why were the astronauts stranded in the first place? Let’s find out from somewhere that the Russian Soyuz capsule carrying the astronauts home was seriously damaged, creating a situation that could lead to the next epic Tom Cruise.

It seemed like the astronauts from the film are safe now, but this could easily reverse if a solution is not found soon. Were about to leave in December 2022 but the situation worsened. When it was noticed that the Soyuz had a massive coolant leak, we first saw it on 14 December when a video from the vehicle showed the spacecraft’s coolant leaking from a hole in the Soyuz.

The Dangers of Space So how did this happen? When the team in charge took a look at the vehicle, they found that the damage was caused by a micrometeoroid, a microscopic meteoroid made of rock or metal the size of a grain of sand. fragments and even though they are quite small, they travel through space faster than the speed of a bullet and can cause significant damage to a spacecraft if they impact imagine what would happen if your car It was hit by something moving fast.

The dark Soyuz MS-22 struck with enough force to blow a small hole in the vehicle and start a leak. SpaceX is the only spacecraft left on the ISS. Dragon is from the US and arrived in October with two NASA astronauts and one each from Canada and Russia. Because the Russian space agency Ross Cosmos fears that the failure of the cooling system will cause the Soyuz M22 crew cabin to become hot and humid, the spacecraft is unable to return to space despite several disagreements with its crew.

A place where America and Russia will continue to cooperate no matter what happens. We don’t have to worry about what will happen when the United States and Russia share a space station together with astronauts from these countries pursuing mutual goals. Both NASA and Ross Cosmos are already planning to send the unmanned Soyuz MS-23, Ross Cosmos and NASA announced.

The new Soyuz will replace the previous one and the astronauts who returned in March will now stay in the space station for a few more months and will return later in September as MS-22 will be launched without a crew, reducing the space station space Will let passengers return home sooner SpaceX is expected to launch a Crew 6 mission with four astronauts headed to the ISS next month, but once they get there.

So Crew 5 will return to Earth and Rubio Petland and Ropegov will have to live however they can. The Soyuz with the faulty rocket should be left on the ISS forever. If they decide to leave it there it means there will be less docking space for the functional rock and if they could potentially damage the old space station already in space. It tried to destroy it, so it was decided that the spacecraft would return to Earth without any passengers or cargo and would only be used for non-essential purposes.

Will return temperature sensitive equipment. which was meant to fly the crew. MS-23 will have to wait until Ross Cosmos can decide on another rocket and timeline for its mission, but if something happens to the ISS before the new spacecraft arrives, MS-22 should be able to do so now. Should be able to do this. It will also be used as a lifeboat. NASA explained in a statement that its compromise position allows it to carry only two astronauts instead of the three astronauts it brought with it.

The reduced weight allows for increased crew safety. An emergency return to Earth. Although SpaceX’s Dragon only has seating for four people, the company designed it to accommodate up to seven astronauts if necessary, and The spacecraft can be piloted by a normal Rubio Ross. Cosmos and NASA are looking to SpaceX for a solution. The fate of the three astronauts stationed on the ISS is unclear.

NASA said it had contacted SpaceX about its capabilities to repatriate additional crew members aboard Dragon if necessary, with an emergency at the station’s Swiss dock receiving the most attention, a statement said. as the space agency tests the capsule’s ability to return astronauts to Earth.

NASA didn’t specify whether SpaceX might add more seats to the ISS’s Crew Dragon, but it’s still a distinct possibility that Ross Cosmos quickly came forward to refuse help from SpaceX and MS-23 went autonomous. Can be launched from or sent from. Space station with a single pilot on board. But Ross Cosmos is confident that it can send the new Soyuz to the ISS without any astronauts, although that may not appear to be the case.

Skoba, president of the International Association for the Advancement of Space Security, is of the opinion that Sauer cannot dock to the ISS without the guidance of at least one astronaut, and he makes a valid point because Russia has never autonomously launched a rocket. Haven’t attempted to do this before how can we be sure they know what to do to rescue stranded astronauts? Russia will have to launch not one but two spacecraft or allow Rubio to follow the modified Crew Dragon when it is ready to Ross Cosmos in its ability to launch and recover Soyuz MS-23 without humans on board is assured.

Now here’s a look at the spacecraft that is expected to take astronauts home in case of an emergency. According to Musk human space flight was already a primary objective of SpaceX and when Crew Dragon sent NASA astronauts Bob Lincoln and Doug Hurley into space in May 2020, their dream finally became a reality.

Crew Dragon became the first spacecraft to fly from US soil since the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2011. Musk’s Crew Dragon is an evolution of the Dragon One vehicle with excellent features When it was first revealed in 2014, the Crew Dragon came with a seven seater. Which was later converted into a four-seater. Crafted with a capsule-like design similar to the famous Apollo spacecraft, the vehicle’s trunk is where any cargo arriving on the ISS is stored and equipped with solar panels to aid navigation in the event of an emergency for safety and Also equipped with wings.

For reasons the capsule comes with a launch escape system consisting of eight sixteen thousand pound force Super Draco engines to eject the crew from the capsule in case anything goes wrong during liftoff to give a modern feel to Crew Dragon. It was built with features never seen before. Because it’s a touchscreen panel like most spacecraft on your phone and tablet it comes with a lot of buttons that are sometimes confusing until you’ve spent a lot of time studying them or experiencing flying spacecraft.

But the touchscreen panels on Dragon are much better and one of the most notable features on the vehicle, they are used to manage and control all spacecraft systems SpaceX hired Burley and Binkin to design the Crew Dragon capsule Worked with the astronauts, while the astronauts did not receive the capsule. The physical feedback that exists with the dials and buttons on a typical spacecraft is that they get a return flash on the screen letting them know if the vehicle has recognized their inputs, but Crew Dragon has other features that you The spacecraft is designed to be completely autonomous.

According to Vehicle and Hurley the touch panels are sufficient for situations where astronauts need to control the spacecraft, such as docking or making an emergency landing on the ISS. Yes, SpaceX is on standby in case NASA needs Crew Dragon. The astronauts will have to modify to accommodate and we’ll just have to wait and see how they navigate the situation but do you think SpaceX will be able to help.

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