Elon Says His Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against NPR is “Not a Joke”

Elon Musk has filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against National Public Radio (NPR), which he says is “not a joke.”

According to his lawyer Joe Barron, Musk is not pleased with NPR’s defamation, as he dubbed him “the Mussolini of Twitter” in an internal company email.

The rift between Musk and NPR began when the social media CEO decided to add a “state-funded media” tag to the network’s accounts. The NPR receives $1.7 billion a year from the federal taxpayer and is bound to fall in lockstep with the Democrats.

“NPR is state propaganda,” Musk said, “They say they are independent journalists but everything they air has to be approved by the DNC.”

NPR executive producer, Art Tubols, calls those allegations false. “It’s not just wrong,” Tubols said on national television, “it’s the stupidest thing a person has ever said and a lie.”

That statement set the ball rolling on the defamation lawsuit, and now NPR will have to show in court where the taxpayer-funded money went.

Elon Musk playing five-dimensional chess with a group of puppets, the Patriots. The fools on the left may think they have him cornered, but he always comes back and sues someone into submission.

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