Elton John quits Twitter over misinformation; Elon Musk asks him just one question

Elton John stood firm against the Twitter hoax and engaged in a heated business war with Elon Musk, eventually opting to shut down the platform.

In an unexpected move, incredible artist Elton John is reportedly shutting down Twitter, citing concerns over the spread of falsehoods on the platform. The announcement comes after a heated trade war with ultra-wealthy business visionary Elon Musk, in which John blamed Musk for spreading fake data about the coronavirus pandemic.

John tweeted, “Kindly acknowledge my expressions of remorse for saying that I won’t ever be utilizing Twitter from now onward.” “The spread of fabrications and insane suppositions at this level is definitely unacceptable. I urge everybody to be cautious and get precise information from strong sources.”

John’s announcement has received mixed reactions from fans and followers. While some have lauded her for standing firm against the lies, others have criticized her for jumping on stage and engaging in a public fight with Musk.

The feud between John and Musk began when Musk tweeted about his skepticism about coronavirus testing, which John took as a risky and flighty message. John wrote to Musk with a string of tweets encouraging his devotees to take the pandemic seriously.

Musk, as far as she was concerned, didn’t hold back, replying to her own tweet defending her position and accusing John of withdrawing from the real world.

The trade immediately became a web sensation, with fans and devotees of both men in the news. Many applauded John for standing up against the hoax, while others defended Musk’s absolute right to present his own viewpoints and beliefs.

Despite the controversy, John remains steadfast in his obligation to pursue accurate data and fight fraud, wherever it is found.

John tweeted, “Twitter may not be the ideal platform for me right now, but my commitment to the truth and my commitment to advancing factual information will never waver.” “We must all play our part to stop the spread of falsehood and safeguard the well-being and security of our networks.”

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