Even Right-Wingers Think Elon Musk’s Hunter Biden Reveal Is A Nothingburger

Twitter suppression of Elon Musk’s denunciation and Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop largely flopped on Friday, with even right-wingers who were about to pounce on the information. So far I am underwhelmed by the tweets of Seb Gorka, a right-wing radio host who served in the Trump administration. We know that Deem in DC colludes with Deem in Palo Alto.

Gorka said he was expecting an episode of Hooliganism. But that didn’t happen when he released a lengthy Twitter thread by journalist Matt Taby detailing Musk’s alleged findings. One prominent right-winger who was taken aback by this information was Donald Trump.

who found the Twitter files so damning that he called for articles of the constitution to be struck down so that he could be reinstated or re-elected as president. But almost everyone looked unhappy. Right-wing Free Beacon reporter Joe Simonson tweeted that the Twitter files so far were scant.

He said that Twitter is run by Democrats, who act like Democrats. Musk campaigned for Tibi’s Friday disclosure of exchanges between Twitter executives that he now has business activities related to Joe Biden’s son. How to handle tweets related to discovered laptops. Twitter eventually restricted the comments because of fears the tweets would become rife with misinformation that appears to be communication in a politically charged issue.

Critics have denounced the move as a violation of the First Amendment, which does not factor into business decisions. Gorka had to explain the constitutional issues to his Twitter followers. “Oh no, this has nothing to do with the DNC invoking the First Amendment to censor a private company.” People upset by being denied the right to amend mistakenly scoffed.

No, you don’t have a constitutional right to post Hunter Biden’s dick pic on Twitter, the headline of a story by Tim Miller. Some Twitter posts about Hunter Biden prompted Joe Biden’s campaign to remove links to his shots in the buff. Tibby’s information was mostly already known, Miller said: that Twitter “broke the New York Post’s initial story about Hunter’s laptop, which we now know miscalculated its source.

It underscores business as usual when political campaigns and governments work with social media companies, in this case Twitter, to flag troubling content. Hunter Biden has been repeatedly blistered by Republicans for serving on the board of Burma, an energy company in Ukraine, while his father was vice president and working to clean up corruption in the country.

There was nothing illegal in such work, although some consider it unethical to profit from a relative’s position of power in the federal government. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who served as advisers in the Trump administration despite lacking any political experience, benefited from his connections.

For example, the Saudi Public Investment Fund invested $2 billion in a $2.5 billion fund set up by Kushner, who had no experience running such operations. The Saudi investment comes just six months after Kushner left the White House, where he had spent years nurturing warm US relations with Saudi Arabia.

Kushner helped negotiate a highly controversial deal for Saudi Arabia to buy billions of dollars of American weapons while the country was bombing civilians in Yemen. And Trump became a key defender of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was held by US intelligence responsible for the gruesome murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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