Fact Check: Elon Musk ‘Suing the Pants Off’ Kathy Griffin, Article Says

Comedian Kathy Griffin was suspended from Twitter on November 6 amid an ongoing discussion about changes to account verification on the platform.

Griffin was reinstated on November 18 after Musk instituted a new rule that any account impersonating someone else must make it clear that they are a parody. He kidded in a tweet that “she was suspended for being an entertainer. She answered to him through her late mother’s Twitter account: I mean… you took that joke.”

Individuals have been posting that joke for quite a long time, hack you. See, kindly improve at running this organization. It implied something this is KG BTW, Griffin said she was already “planning to quit Twitter after the midterms because it just got too ‘musky. Now a new claim has emerged on social media suggesting a more serious confrontation between Musk and Griffin.

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