Fans are convinced Harry Styles spat on ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ co-star Chris Pine.

Twitter users are convinced that Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine’s lap of his Don’t Worry Darling co-stars at the Venice Film Festival premiere on Monday. In the footage, former One Direction cast member 28 takes an empty seat next to Pine, with director Olivia Wilde on the other side.

After the Late Night Talking singer poured her saliva on the 42-year-old actor, Paine clapped and looked at his lap with a smile before laughing at himself. For her part, Styles avoided eye contact with the Wonder Woman star while waving to other audience members behind her.

I can’t look away pls one twitter user wrote about the footage while another said they won’t sleep until they know the truth. While some believe Styles spit 100 percent on the pen, there Others expressed their uncertainty. people actually think that harry went there and decided to spit on kris in front of many people for no reason, a fan tweeted and chris made no movement to erase it and just smiled and laughed and just sat there Gone.

Another provided a possible explanation, writing to Chris Pine simply wondering where his sunglasses were after the applause. And he zoned out like he had been doing all day and felt it in his lap.

The Contractor star made headlines over the weekend for her behavior during the premiere, from zoning out while Styles answered questions at a press conference and photographed Florence Pugh with a Polaroid camera on the red carpet. The cast individuals completed the process of shooting Don’t Worry Darling in February, a month after news broke that Wilde and Styles, 38, were dating.

In July, many speculated about a drama between Pugh 26 and Wilde over an on-set romance, as the Midsummer star took several chances to pursue the project via social media while promoting other upcoming role. Wilde indicated more show on set in a spilled video of himself attempting to convince the film’s unique lead, Shia LaBeouf, to remain subsequent to leaving.

I think this may be a wake-up call for Miss Flo and I want to know if you’re ready to give it a shot with me, O.C. With us. The alum said in footage filmed in his car in August 2020.

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