Finally Tesla Confirms NEW Tesla Model Y For 2023.

The Model Y is fast becoming Tesla’s most popular car, selling around 10,000 units in its launch year of 2020, but that figure exceeds the 160,000 Model Y’s sold in 2021.

Fans know that some of the latest EV technologies like patented batteries are coming to the Model Y, so let’s take a look at what you should really expect, especially if you didn’t catch up with all the buzz about this car’s new Model Y production. went.

You can expect a jump in sales figures when a car is launched. One thousand five hundred and fifteen percent year-on-year sales growth is the first in the automotive market.

Now in the second quarter of 2022, Tesla has already managed to sell more than 53000 models, its popularity is such that Giga Berlin and Giga Texas are the two latest Gigafactory launches from Tesla model wise especially Cyber ​​Rodeo Events Climax. are happening.

April this year saw the first deliveries of the new Model Y as per the updated specifications done at Gigatex. Strangely, Elon did not reveal any details about the new variant of the electric SUV like specs or pricing.

Although I’ve managed to learn a lot about the new car since then, Tesla has now decided to give its new 4680 battery cell technology a try first. This car which is one of the biggest features of the new Model Y.

But even later that in Berlin they are still making and probably going to model according to model with standard 2170 cells as they have been since the beginning of the model y in 2020.

Tesla and Elon announced that Giga Berlin hit a new milestone last week by producing a thousand model ys a week, a goal they originally intended to hit a few months ago.

But they saw a lot of supply side issues in the first quarter of 2022 which has now delayed it. If they can keep up with these production numbers per week they will add to Tesla’s annual capacity of 50,000 per model.

The goal is only to increase with the addition of more new models from here. There is no reason for the giga press to happen this year or early next year as to why they can’t.

Giga Texas is where Tesla is going to build a brand new model using the 4680 battery cell technology, though we’ve only seen a few confirmed deliveries so far, mainly to Tesla employees who ordered their new model last year. Have given.

This is very strange to see especially when the new model is listed as available on Tesla’s website in some specific places, so don’t get me wrong now, it makes perfect sense that Tesla is going to deliver this new technology.

The employee wants to try it out within the pool first but it’s still strange that only a few deliveries of the new Model Y have been made since the Cyber ​​Rodeo incident in April.

By a handful I mean less than 50. I expect Tesla to deliver on LE 500 vehicles before deliveries begin by 2023. These new models will have to be properly road tested.

But we still have two more quarters to work in this year and I hope that whatever problem we are facing in the delivery of these new models it will be solved in time , anyway remember how I said earlier in the video Was that Tesla and Elon in particular have talked very tightly about this new car.

It is true that I have only managed to learn about this new vehicle apart from the fact that it is new battery technology in its price range and acceleration which I am sure of.

will be subject to change so here after first delivery at the Cyber ​​Rodeo event it was leaked that the new Texas-made Model Y will start at the standard 59 990 which was three thousand dollars less than the long-range all-wheel drive version at the time .

But that price has since gone through some revision, with Tesla now increasing the base price according to a website listing last month. In all fairness of this new version Tesla has increased prices across the board for its entire lineup due to record inflation and supply side constraints for 61 990.

The Model Y Long Range has also gone from 62 990 to 65 990, and now Tesla is urging some customers to downgrade this Texas-built model, especially from the Fremont plant, to other versions of the Model Y.

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