Fired Twitter Janitor Says Elon Musk Crony Told Him He’d Be Replaced Robots

Mr. Roboto, a sideman and now former janitor at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, claims he was told by a member of the new owner’s inner sanctum that robots would soon take over his job. In an interview with the BBC, fired janitor Julio Alvarado Said that the workplace environment during his ten-year tenure at Twitter was friendly, although everything changed after Elon Musk took over the company in October.

The janitor said he was at times unwittingly forced to clean parts of the office with personal security and this week a close aide of Kasturi told him he was being replaced by a robot. People acted carelessly before being fired without a break Alvarado told the BBC that now we are scared.

The flamboyant and unusual Alvarado isn’t the only person on Twitter’s maintenance staff who was fired without severance pay just before the holidays. Three other cleaners told the British state broadcaster they too were sacked this week, and are now unsure how they will pay for medicines, support their families, or buy Christmas presents.

While there’s no official word on why those four employees were fired, their dismissals came after Musk refused to renew their contracts, which appears to be a violation of San Francisco labor laws that require sweepers Is. The union decided to go ahead. strike. To keep them running for an additional 90 days after the contract expires.

Three weeks before Christmas he called Olga Miranda, president of the cleaning workers’ union, who said she believed the workers had been fired in retaliation for organizing. For Alvarado, who said he supports his family in Mexico as well as in one of the world’s most expensive regions, the outlook looks grim.

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