Florence Pugh just to be honest.

The Darling Star’s greatest gift as an actor is his ability to find the truth that every character needs.

Florence Pugh knew this was going to be something. The 26-year-old British-born actor wore a Barbie-pink gown with layers of tulle at Valentino’s couture show in Rome last July.

After trying on the dress that was a full-on top Pugh and designer Pierpaolo Piccioli decided to remove the lining clearing any confusion over the gown’s intentionality of transparency.

Comfortable with small breasts she tells me while sipping a glass of roses from a cozy hotel room in the English countryside and showing them like this increased people that I was comfortable.

Pugh was plagued by a flood of internet woes. It was just worrying how upset they were, she says. They were so angry that I was reassured and wanted to tell me that they would never get over me.

Pugh expands sentiment on instagram to troll his body shaming trolls why are you so afraid of breasts little giant left right only one maybe none what awesome. The post has been liked over 2.3 million times.

I feel that I am now getting into this groove in my career where I know what I can take what I can give and what I will not accept anymore.

Fans are starting to expect this kind of no-BS fiery candor from Pugh. Since making her big screen debut as a teenage girl with her sexuality in Carol Morley’s The Falling in 2015 she’s played a woman who refuses to keep quiet.

Over the past seven years she has starred in nearly two dozen projects including her breakout performances in a pair of 2019 films including Ari Astor’s adaptation of the indie horror hit Midsummer and Greta Gerwig’s beloved classic Little Woman which earned her an Oscar. Nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Pugh has established himself as one of the most fearless versatile talents of his generation the rare actor who both disappears into a role and still exudes a singular star wattage.

I think in all my films there is an element of keeping women in a corner forcing them to have one opinion one life she says. And then finally some crack.

Pugh was at first offered the supporting job of Bunny a local spouse with a spectacular closet and executioner jokes. The opportunity arose to play Alice once the pandemic halted production and drastically changed the scheduling.

It was a different animal. Pugh says of agreeing to cast the main character but the decision to make the swap was a was easy. I love playing a distressed woman.

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