Florida State spoils Brian Kelly’s LSU coaching debut: ‘The reality is we’ve got some learning to do’.

Brian Kelly’s presentation as LSU’s head football trainer was never shy of show. After rallying 14 points from the bottom in the fourth quarter on Sunday night against Florida State and needing only one extra point to send the game into overtime, the Tigers saw their comeback bid come to a sudden halt when the Seminoles came back on the defensive.

It was the second blocked kick of the night for Florida State, having blocked an LSU field goal attempt in the first half. Yet, the Tigers’ battle in unique groups was not restricted to the kicking game. He also failed to land a pair of punts, both of which the Seminoles recovered.

Mistake after mistake for us, especially in the first half, said Kelly, offering his assessment of the game. And you obviously know more mistakes in the second half. Kelly said he was proud of the way his team competed, but clarified that I’m not here to say that we get any consolation when we lose.

The reality is that we have something to learn. We have to be better coaches and we have to play better. It was an ominous beginning to Kelly’s residency at LSU. He turned into the principal Tigers mentor since Gerry Dinardo in 1995 to lose his presentation.

Kelly, who had spent the past 12 seasons at Notre Dame posting a 113-40 record, signed a 10-year, $95 million contract to join LSU in late November, replacing Ed Orgeron, who was LSU. Were. Were. Were. Were. Were. Were. Were. He was the first to join. He dropped out less than three years after winning the national championship.

Kelly rebuilt the roster during the off-season, which included several transfers, including the replacement of quarterback Jaden Daniels from Arizona State.

Seven points below the 2-yard line, with only 1 second remaining, Daniels threw a game-tying touchdown to Jere Jenkins, before a blocked extra point. Playing behind a struggling offensive line, Daniels went 26-of-35 without a stop for 209 yards and two touchdowns.

Florida State fired Daniels four times. His front is very good, Kelly said. They brought a lot of pressure. His defensive ends were a challenge for a true freshman left tackle Will Campbell and our right tackle cam wire. LSU star wide receiver Kayshon Boutte was a potential first-round pick in next year’s NFL Draft with two drops and two catches for 20 yards.

The bout on points during the game was clearly disappointing. Here’s a great player trying to pretend maybe trying a little too hard and trying to catch the ball before Kelly says it. In the first quarter, LSU lost its standout defensive bout, Mason Smith, to a knee injury.

The former freshman returned to the edge after wearing a halftime All-SEC selection leg brace and running with crutches. Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis stayed away from the LSU swarm for the greater part of the evening, finishing 20 of 32 passes for 260 yards and two scores effortlessly. It was the Seminoles’ most memorable success against a SEC group since overcoming Florida in 2017.

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