Fox Gives Prime Time Show to Elon Musk

Fox Gives Elon Musk a Prime Time Show Have you seen billionaire mogul Elon Musk lately? Aside from all the hullabaloo going on around Twitter and the launch of his SpaceX, also the troubles of the Tesla auto delivering industry, Musk is doing great and solid, and prepared to take on the following test.

“We at Fox Diversion Broadcasting might want to declare Mr. Elon Musk as the host of our most recent Enthusiasm and Pride news program. Elon will assume control over the reins of another show in this month named: ‘The Musk Fight’. Allow all of us to pass on it to him.

Following this astounding declaration from Joe Barron, head of Fox Publicity, a short review of Musk’s accomplishments showed up on the organization. A few sentiments started right away.

Cash man Neil Cavuto said, “I don’t know why Musk got a show, then again, actually there are a great deal of moronic moderates who actually have god knows why they believe he’s a monster virtuoso.” “That person washed the cash away for good when he purchased Twitter.”

“Cash, cash, cash,” said MSNBC have Rachel Maddow. “That is all the person is searching for. How much would they say they are paying him? The Nazis they let back on Twitter, for what reason don’t they get them?”

The Musk Quarrel debuts May 20 with a unique two-hour episode with visitor star Phil Collins. All in all, it will, except if Musk as of now fires every other person and concludes he can make the camera work without anyone else.

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