Friend of Elon Musk Says He’s Surrounded by Sycophants and Yes Men

The bitter truth is that he is downright lonely right now doing it all. Twitter’s acquisition of SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been an almost total disaster so far. The entire operation is in shambles with employees who are either Have survived mass layoffs or been asked to return to work after being fired after doing their best to understand the situation.

Musk who reportedly often comes up with new ideas without telling anyone about his plans. For example over the weekend he implemented a new policy that prevents users from impersonating other people who has already announced that comedy is now legal on the site. Now it’s up to Musk to set the rules and figure out how to enforce them. After all, he’s now Twitter’s official judge, jury, and executioner.

But he’s still straight-alone debating this wrote a furious Twitter user. Chris Sacca an early investor in the thread, argued that the billionaire CEO has no one to answer to Sacca who has been on the sidelines for some time, this has been his modus operandi. In essence, Sacca argued that Musk has surrounded himself with people who agree with him even when his ideas are bad.

One of the biggest risks of money/power is that there is no one around anymore who can give clear feedback, suggest alternatives or simply tell you you wrote wrong. A shrinking worldview combined with intellectual alienation out-of- Touch leads to shit.Known Elon for a long time Sacca said I admire his vision and ambition .

Musk’s success till date is no accident yet things have taken a turn for the worse recently but I have seen recently That venture capitalist who argued that those around him have become increasingly sycophantic and opportunistic. Simply put, it is easier to agree with him and there is more financial and social upside.

Sacca argued that Musk clearly does not understand Twitter’s challenges and that the company’s core issues cannot be reduced to black and white only. They’re gray AF, he argued, because they have little in common with batteries and motors and rockets and tunnels and solar panels that have obvious solutions.

The problem is that Sacca claimed Musk is lonely, has lots of “friends” and is the life of parties and dinners. But the bitter truth is that he is clearly single and doing all this. And this can be a problem with a trickier issue like running Twitter. We all need to push back the people around us, Saka tweeted to say no.

The thread draws an interesting comparison with an anecdote from former Twitter engineer Steve Krenzel, who this week tipped off an advertiser about the development of an unethical project, but complained directly to then-CEO Jack Dorsey, who made sure Kia The project never really took off.

Sacca contended that somebody near Elon “would need to talk a reality to power and supplement his intense and aggressive propensities with much-required subtlety. Whether he’ll be able to turn things around and keep Twitter on life support as advertisers exit in droves remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Musk has chosen the moment to post sick and crude memes poking fun at rivals. It’s a sad state of affairs: Walls are falling on Twitter while its commander-in-chief is throwing hand grenades. Elon Musk has probably the most remarkable connections in the business world, yet specialists say his circle of “yes-men” might his fix.

It’s the exemplary situation where the ruler has no garments, however everybody is excessively hesitant to tell him, William Klepper, an administration teacher who shows a chief initiative course at Columbia Business college, told Insider, refering to a representation. This is a very vulnerable position as no one in the CEO ranks is spotless.

Musk was booed by the crowd on Dave Chappelle’s satire show. At that point, the tycoon said it was “a first for me, in actuality.” Specialists let Insider know that it isn’t is really to be expected that the second most extravagant individual would be shocked by the public analysis. In private life, Musk is seen encircled by acclaim.

In October, a store of instant messages among Musk and probably the greatest names in tech and media showed the extremely rich person enormously respected his arrangement to make Twitter private. The texts included offers to run the organization, solicitations to reestablish accounts and a craving to think about family members for jobs.

Jason Calacanis, an angel investor, offered to jump on a grand for Musk’s possible misspelled grenade and told the billionaire you have my sword. Elon Musk was potentially surrounded, said Rosabeth Moss Cantor, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of Think Outside the Building How Advanced Leaders Can Change the World One Smart Innovation at a Time.

Kanter said individuals need to be near individuals with that much power, which frequently implies your supposed companions are more similar to adherents. The people who say no are outside, yet people with great influence are encircled by the individuals who say OK, who never let the individuals who say no come near them.

Musk appears to have made several allies in his companies. In November, during a preliminary over Musk’s Tesla pay bundle, an investor said the extremely rich person had stacked the carmaker’s board with a portion of his dearest companions, including his sibling Kimbal Musk. Essentially, on Twitter, Elon Musk has welcomed on a portion of his own helpers to support the change.

Kanter said that musk has passed on space for those near her to condemn. Before, Musk has not answered emphatically to basic input. As of late, the tycoon terminated a few Twitter workers who remedied him via virtual entertainment. talk truth to control Talking truth to drive” can be extremely challenging, Nawaz told Insider, adding that Presidents must make a “mentally protected” climate.

She said she frequently mentors officials on the best way to encourage and answer criticism. Without room for negative feedback, Nawaz said that employees would either leave a company or take extra days off or do low-quality work as Tesla’s stock plummeted and “sabotaged” it to retain advertisers.

Have done Twitter has fought back, with Klepper saying that if Musk doesn’t find a way to switch companies, his business partners may be forced to step up to the plate. My general feeling is that they have invested their fortunes in their companies because they know they can make money from it. The relationship is regardless of whether you can make me cash and when cash is in question, the relationship changes.

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