Georgia makes a loud statement college football winners and losers.

The single thread ran almost uninterrupted last season; it began over Labor Day weekend when Georgia strangled a brand-name opponent at NFC South Stadium. This continued until January and with only one hiccup on the way against a team the Bulldogs later clubbed to win the national title.

Georgia’s defense in 2021 wasn’t the only thing for sure. It was The Pure Thing. And after Saturday? Sure, things look about the same.

The Bulldogs did all that directly in the 49-3 round of Team Oregon, trained by previous Georgia guarded facilitator Dan Lanning. If anyone was going to have the notion of waiting in Atlanta, it would be a year ago on the sidelines of the Bulldogs.

It was hardly a defense-only effort. Georgia scored scores on its initial seven properties. Stetson Bennett IV tossed for 368 yards and two scores. The Bulldogs averaged 9.2 yards per game, and they finished third in 9-for-10.

Still, Oregon managed only one field goal, and added its yards with a 100-yard fourth quarter in semi-honorable territory (313 yards).

Regardless of the number of Bulldogs or NFL losses (there were five Dogs on D in the first round), Georgia’s schedule is based on defense. It has not allowed more than 20 points in a single game in any of the last six seasons.

Arizona (WINNER) – This is not where feral cats have enjoyed much in recent seasons. They went on to lose seven in a row to close out 2019, ousting Kevin Sumlin after a pandemic season and then going 1-11 in Jade Fish’s debut season last year.

Instead, Arizona rolled with a 38–20 strike from Southern California. Washington State move Jayden de Laura tossed 299 yards and four scores, three of them for Jacob Koing. And the Wildcats’ defense, which quietly went from poor to decent at least half-time last season, put the Aztecs at 62 passing yards and just four yards in one play.

Arkansas (WINNER) – The initial seven day stretch of the time has a greater number of shades of dark than some other. There is a lot that everyone thinks they know, but very little that they actually know.

To go with just last season (with basically one or two players on the program), there are more suppositions included. So in the end there are teams that look much better than expected, and there are some that turn in surprisingly poor performances.

Only a small number of teams benefit from a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, depending on the outcome of those most loyal to them.

Arkansas was coming off a 9-4 season. It was an honest-to-exact discussion that involved anything other than the imminent firing of a coach for the first time in at least half a dozen years. And it had the 2021 playoffs players coming to the city of Cincinnati.

Duke (Winner) – There’s no reason to go overboard about the Blue Devils’ 30-0 win over Temple to begin Mike Elko’s coaching stint at Durham. Temple were one of FBS’ deadliest teams in the second half of last season (hence why Stan Drayton was starting his head coaching career with the Ovals), and Duke still had to prove it to the ACC when he played. began. there is too much.

Michigan (WINNER) – 8 Wolverine shouldn’t have generally disliked the province of Colorado, and they didn’t. He scored on eight of his 10 possessions and didn’t drop a point until 8:59, staying in the way of the rams 51-7.

Football itself (loser) – Look there’s an easy punching bag after Iowa’s 7-3 win over South Dakota State in Saturday’s opening game. Winning a game with exactly seven points without scoring a touchdown is extremely on-brand for hockey players who scored for the margin of victory in the second half.

Virginia Tech (Loser) – If the Hokies had any illusions about how fast they were moving out of the ditch, they found themselves at the end of the Justin Fuentes era, which was quickly extinguished in a 20–17 defeat at Old Dominion. ,

Charlotte (Loser) – The 49ers (0-2) conceded a 41-24 loss at home against William & Mary, which was generally worse than a 17-point loss for the FCS school.

Navy (Loser) – The midshipman really wanted to convey how it wasn’t going to be like the last two years, when he endured a season of consistent losing (but at least beat Cena to close 2021). That job was not accomplished in a 14-7 loss to Delaware.

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