Halle Berry takes hilarious swipe at Elon Musk after Twitter removes blue tick

Halle Berry takes a dig at Elon Musk after Twitter removes blue ticks Elon Musk’s latest shakeup for Twitter includes a rule that only verified subscribers who pay premium for the site’s Twitter Blue service are eligible for other users. are eligible. are eligible. are eligible. There will be recommended posts and they will be voted in poll as well as allowed to retain blue tick.

Halle Berry, 56, has become one of the latest celebrities to respond to Twitter by removing her blue tick, with the actress taking a hilarious swipe at the social media platform.

The Catwoman star took to the site yesterday to retweet a post from Twitter’s officially verified account, which announced the move was underway and asked entities interested in retaining Blue Tick to pay for the service. Halle shared a video of herself in a TV studio with a smiley emoji, captioning the message: “Tomorrow I’m unverified with you all.”

In a follow-up tweet, Halle made fun of the situation by sharing a meme and a caption with only two laughing emojis.

The photo depicts Dexter – from the Cartoon Network children’s show Dexter’s Laboratory – crying while looking at a screenshot of Halle Berry’s Twitter profile, when it showed a blue badge.

Shocked fans of the Hollywood star replied to the tweet joining in on the joke and offering him “a shoulder to cry on”. Your feelings and emotions are valid. You will soon find happiness and peace If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, feel free to reach out.

Under the new policy, posts from free accounts will no longer be included in the “For You” stream of Recommended Tweets. The company said this comes after getting rid of the verified status of some “legacy” accounts.

The legacy accounts, or accounts with blue ticks, appeared before Musk closed the firm in a multibillion-dollar acquisition. But the Twitter Blue feature introduced by Musk allows anyone with a blue check mark to take out a monthly or annual subscription.

Blue Tick verification currently costs $7 (£5.70) per month and gives the user access to additional features, but badges have previously been issued exclusively to high-profile individuals, celebrities, institutions, politicians or members of the media. have been done. Has been done Offered for free to notable accounts.

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