Here’s Where You Can Stream Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

The world has a bad habit of removing icons too quickly, but none could be more tragic than the death of Michael Jackson. The King of Pop needs practically no introduction, as his achievements in the music industry alone have earned him a place in history the reach of which hardly anyone can imagine.

His colorful assortment of iconic albums, tracks and music videos, including “Bad Thriller Beat It and Billie Jean”, would help launch the artist to worldwide stardom his album Thriller.

As August 29 would have been Jackson’s 64th birthday, many people are taking time out to remember and celebrate Jackson’s many musical achievements. What some may not be aware of, however, is that music was not the only entertainment sector that Jackson had branches in.

At the height of his career, Jackson made the ambitious 1988 feature film of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. The film, named after Jackson’s signature dance move, serves as a collection of experimental short films that chronicled Jackson’s career over the years, or as long music videos for songs from his 1987 album Bad. does. works as.

Jackson had previously appeared in films such as The Wiz and Captain Eo, but this would be the first time he took charge of his cinematic vision. While not as well known as some of Jackson’s other adventures, the film remains a cult classic, easily accessible to fans old and new.

Despite the artist’s name on the title, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker does not have the widest assortment of domestic media releases.

The film was initially only released on VHS in the United States and was never shown on DVD or Blu-ray in the country. Instead, the film was released only in the UK. The region received a Blu-ray release. Thankfully, viewers can watch Jackson’s color vision on Amazon Prime where the film can be rented or purchased.

Jackson’s manager at the time, Frank DiLeo, said in a behind-the-scenes documentary that Jackson thought about the film while the cast was building the story around his song, Smooth Criminal.

It expanded over time, as what began as a short story became a feature film, gaining its narrative to include many of Jackson’s songs.

Jackson would then work on the film, as well as balancing his busy “Bad” tour and producing his own album of the same name. Jackson would finance the film entirely, giving him complete creative control.

Several notable names were involved in his production in several segments of the film. This included Will Vinton, known for manufacturing the California Raisins through his signature claymation technology, who produced the Speed ​​Demon segment.

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