How Hard Does Elon Musk Expect His Employees to Work?

Tesla was still a struggling company in 2017 Elon Musk has admitted that he fired the employees whose performance reviews were the weakest and has made no apologies for it. If you have two boxers of similar caliber and one of them is too tall. If he is small, then the big man is going to crush the little man. Obviously, the little guy has a lot of skill or he’s going to cheat.

Our standards are high they are not high because we believe in being mean to the people. They are high because they believe it is important to separate the good from the great. In its first week, it laid off half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees. His decision to continue was more controversial. Did he fire the least effective employees? Did he have enough time to find out who they were? Purification continued two weeks later.

In a late-night company-wide email, A Fork in the Road, Musk reiterated that the kind of person he wants to work for are those who “do extremely hardcore work. That implies working extended periods at extreme focus.” Will occur” , Just remarkable execution will comprise a passing grade. Anyone who did not commit by clicking on the attached link was forced to leave the company. Hundreds are believed to have walked out the door, saluting emoji on Twitter but Musk assured that the best ones are staying, so I’m not too concerned.

These are without a doubt the “coolest people according to the boss”. In all seriousness, apparently, they should be a little bit like her. I think the most inspired person I’ve met is Garrett Reisman, a former NASA astronaut who now serves as an advisor to SpaceX. Musk has famously slept at Tesla’s factories during the most challenging times such as 2018 when Tesla struggled with Model 3 production.

He said that he is working 120 hours a week. Although he said that his staff’s expectations were far below my own, his team suffered along with him. He was expected to work for a long time. Musk says there is no other way to turn Tesla around. As he told journalist Kara Swisher. It’s absurd that Tesla is alive, so what do you think? 100 hour week painstaking effort by you.

There was no other way to do it was through his blood and sweat and maybe a few tears that Tesla saw the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and survived 2018. Now he’s bringing that same work mentality to Twitter in 2022. million per day and has no choice but to cut costs and shape Twitter through extreme effort.

Musk told Twitter employees to expect to be in the office for at least 40 hours a week, and reportedly warned them to prepare for the 80-hour work week many are used to. The change to be made will be sweeping after senior Twitter engineer Siru Murugesan was secretly recorded by conservative group Project Veritas admitting he worked only four hours a week.

Musk believes that working exceptionally long hours yields extraordinary benefits. Here’s what he said in 2010. I mean work like hell you just have to work 80 to 100 hours every week. If other people are working 40 hours a week and you are working 100 hours, even if you are doing the same thing, you know that in four months you will get what you want. Will take, which takes them a year to achieve.

He has also banned working from home for all his companies except in exceptional circumstances as he believes people slack off when they are not in the office. Audio leaked to ABC News shows a Twitter employee challenging him on the policy of mandatory return to the office, even if people return to the office, the offices will not be physically present in separate offices but still you can maximize the amount of individual activity.

Tesla isn’t even a place basically if you can show up to an office and you don’t show up at the office, the resignation is accepted end of story. Returning to the office will no longer include free lunches, a common benefit at large tech companies. Musk has deducted it from Twitter’s budget. But simply working hard isn’t enough without a free lunch at Elon Musk’s companies. He is demanding that his employees be extremely talented. Musk confirmed that people who write great code will constitute the majority of our team.

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