How Tesla’s New Phone will dissipate the Industry.

Elon is part of a select group of people who can truly say that his efforts have significantly influenced modern human life. He has already transformed the automobile market with Tesla.

He’s planning to colonize Mars with SpaceX and he’s on his way to cover the entire Earth. Satellite internet is using Starlink, but now it looks like he’s using Tesla’s new phone with the Model Pi Stick. Trying to disrupt the market.

I have discussed Elon and Tesla’s entry into the smartphone market and this new phone could have features of Tesla Model Pie. Rumors about the Tesla Model Pi started since the February 2021 Tesla Model P Concept title.

Since then many netizens have made several theories about the phone and try to imagine what it might have in the ADR’s video, no doubt. It gave a sleek look to the phone and showed us a lot about its design language.

But it only revealed some of the basic features Tesla might pack the Model Pi construction First of all the construction coming from Tesla Stables It’s easy to imagine that the Model Pi would be constructed from a high-grade aluminum casing.

In fact the ADR’s video indicates that the phone’s construction is strong enough to withstand 150 megapascals of force which is equivalent to 1500 times the atmospheric pressure on Earth’s surface.

That the foam would be constructed and designed to operate under such extreme conditions, I am no longer saying that this means the Model Pi can be used in space or on the surface of Mars.

But you can make this feature what you will because ordinary smartphones are usually not built for such sturdy frames, it would be pointless to use a case for them.

So unless Elon and Tesla have some specific use case for the Model Pi in mind I don’t know what they would need to build a phone that runs behind the robust solar recharging phone ADR Studio spec. does.

That the previous case of the Tesla Model Pi will have solar charging capability, I think a high-efficiency solar panel attached to the back of the smartphone could be game-changing, not only would it make the phone completely durable but it would be completely Fits with Tesla.

As an eco-friendly company with a value proposition and a phone that can automatically charge itself and be completely free of external charging, will be a godsend for the modern smartphone user. Portable solar panels have been around for ages. .

But they are usually clunky and not very efficient. This is because most solar panels are made of silicon and their density and surface area defines their efficiency. Unfortunately converting silicon into a dense photovoltaic solar cell capable of converting light energy into electrical energy.

Packing enough cells together in a large enough surface area is a very expensive and ineffective process. This is why the tiny Chinese solar panels you can buy from Amazon generate minimal amount of electricity and they take a lot of time to do so. is needed.

Tesla has somehow managed to address the efficiency problem with solar panels, which I know is currently working in that case, there’s no reason to doubt it.

The model Pi will ship with an integrated solar panel on its back case, which is undoubtedly capable of charging the huge battery technology.

The Model Pi will have a whopping 7100 milliamp-hours battery which is almost twice the battery size of the iPhone 13. Pro Model Let’s say Tesla was actually planning to use a solar panel to charge this massive battery.

In that case there is definitely a need to make the battery more efficient than all smartphones with existing lithium-ion batteries and what do you know they are already working hard to make that happen.

Next generation batteries for their automobiles so that they can easily shrink that Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell for a smartphone with 46 millimeters of diameter.

The R and 80 millimeters of length hold almost five times the energy of their current smaller 2170 cells and these lithium-ion phosphate or LFP battery cells are also easy to charge.

Can be used for model pi with some modifications but the question to be asked is why model pi needs such a big battery This is where the next few features of the phone come in the camera connectivity module.

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