In the ‘House of the Dragon’ series premiere the blood of the dragon runs thick.

This recap of the premiere episode of House of the Dragon includes spoilers for the premiere episode of House of the Dragon. It’s a lot that a recap proceeds accordingly.

HBO’s Seven Kingdoms is definitely the man who re-imagined Game of Thrones years ago for NPR. We are all here, back to our dragonscat.

We’ve written some handy primers to help get everyone in the right headspace but inevitably forget what you know you won’t need much. House of the Dragon opens nearly 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

Now the 100-year-old Targaryen line is at its apex as this illustrious family holds the reins of 10 fully mature mythical serpents.

The huge ruined palace made famous a century ago by Aegon the Conqueror, the founder of the Targaryen dynasty. We 101 A.C. In view of the Great Council of , where the heir to the Iron Throne would be decided.

The king’s grandson Viserys Targaryen stands beside his wife Amma Aryan who is pregnant with their daughter Renera Targaryen.

There is already a Renis and a Renera to counter. Not to mention the fact that most of the characters are equally tall Plantinum-blonde sporting wigs.

The Great Council elects the Viserys even if the queens are at large because the Patriarch is nothing if not entirely predictable.

Featuring Dragon-Drop Interface
The initial nomenclature that apparently doesn’t send us swooning over a map of Westeros to visit clockwork versions of the various locations that appear in this week’s episode

Take this as a sign that the main conflict of House of the Dragon will not appear, as GoT did  as a massive worldwide conflict involving many far-flung houses and kingdoms.

Here, in some familiar places mainly within the same family the lines of battle would be drawn. Map is not required.

We get a dragon-eye view of King’s Landing, which is being rendered a little more precisely these days. We may be 172 years ago, but the servers in HBO’s VFX department just got an update four years after GOT ended and it shows.

That giant domed building dominating the skyline .This is not the great September of Baylor, which will not be made for years. That is the Dragonpit, where the dragons of the royal family live.

We meet teenage Rainera and his friend Alicent Hightower, daughter of Otto Hightower at the hands of the king. They stroll through the very courtyard in the Red Keep that Cersei will turn into a monster.

The show puts its chess pieces on board: Queen Emma is pregnant again, and Hedstrong offers Rainera the truly terrifying lie down and think about Westeros maternal advice.

Corlys warns Velaryon that some of the liberated cities have formed an alliance called the Triarchy, and that their admiral -a Cragus Dahr aka the Crabfeeder is a group of pirates .The trick is to have islands between strings ruthlessly.

Enter: Damon Targaryen the king’s cheeky well cheekbones anyway little brother. He sits on an iron throne, which looks more jagged and menacing than we can remember.

Damon and Rainera show an easy acquaintance with each other. We’re all meant to take any of them and if it scares you you’re watching the wrong show, about the wrong family.

He gives her a gift an amulet of extremely rare Valyrian steel  the same thing his sword the Dark Sister is made of.

Here comes the blood
Raja has a wound on his back which is not healing. He says it’s from sitting on the Iron Throne  drawn directly from books that Game of Thrones never picked up on; The Iron Throne is not meant for a place where one can rest comfortably.

Royal treasures probably come with a line item for Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide. Were you wondering if House of the Dragon is shedding a little light on GOT level violence so far.

This next sequence, in which monsters lead the City Guard aka the Gold Cloaks as they attack the seeds of King’s Landing by sticking their swords into several seed underbellys should keep you calm for a while.

The next day Ser Otto Hightower attempts to embarrass Damon for his impulsive action but the prince is supported by Corliss Valerian and conditionally the king himself.

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