‘Inexperienced’ Boyz face tricky Morocco test today.

Stand-in head coach Meron Gordon says his reggae boys team is in what he described as proper conditions ahead of their game against Morocco this morning.

The Reggae Boys face North Africans at 10:00 Jamaica time in a four-team tournament hosted by Qatar in Vienna Austria.

Gordon says the team isn’t ideally where it wants to be in terms of fitness and conditioning, he has to look beyond that.

His fitness is not where you want him to play an international game but we have to stop focusing on him and see how we can move smartly with the team and how we approach the game. We are not as much as possible, Gordon said on Monday.

The boys are doing really well. He worked really hard for about eight days in Jamaica and since we moved here, he has been working as well.

The 30-man squad includes a large number of players who trade in the Jamaican Premier League, many of whom have never even played international football. But Gordon relies on the more experienced players in the camp to guide debutants through the game.

He said that he has been getting better ever since Adrian Mariappa has come. International football is about strategic communication and we knew he would deliver especially from behind.

We have Amal Knight who also has some experience with Fabian McCarthy. The boys are trying to give their best and playing international football is more about how good you are defensively than anything.

Little is known about Morocco’s squad against Qatar on Saturday as the game was played behind closed doors. This is because Qatar wants to keep their preparations for the FIFA World Cup as secret as possible, which they will play not only as debutants but also as hosts.

He is also being led by an interim head coach as Wahid Halilhodik was fired by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation earlier this month due to differences of opinion. These factors compound scouting for Gordon who has described the tournament as too difficult.

Sometimes you are not sure of the players this country is going to use even if they can release the roster. But since it is outside the international window, it is a bit difficult.

A coach will probably be looking at some players as he may have some positions to fill before the World Cup. But Morocco is one such team.

Who always tries to keep the ball with her. For those who try to keep the ball to themselves, you have to try to be as organized as possible against them, when you catch them in tight areas you have to try and hit them as hard as you can.

Whether the Reggae Boys are capable of playing this way remains to be seen, but Gordon says they have been drilled accordingly.

He said that I think the technical staff has done as much as they can to prepare this team to play against these countries. The players are really trying their best so let’s see what this game can bring.

Their game on 20 August was canceled because Ghana arrived in Austria too late, the organizers tried to schedule a practice game for the Reggae Boys before Morocco, but this was not done because the referee’s ambulance and other logistics were on time.

This will prepare them for future international assignments and to play in professional clubs abroad if such an opportunity exists.

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