Inside Tesla’s New $10,000 Home For Sustainable Living

The richest man in the world took it to another level when he announced Tesla’s $10,000 permanent unboxable movable home. What kind of $10,000 unboxable house are we talking about? You’re about to find out. Are you even remotely familiar with Tesla’s CEO? It won’t surprise you that he’s building a sustainable home.

Tesla’s entire concept of sustainability was built around Mars. His incredible dream of colonizing America serves the sole purpose of giving humanity one more chance. Even the rockets they used were reusable but the $15 million : The Usable Rocket Sounds reasonable from a rocket point of view, a ten thousand dollar unboxable house is just wild.

From overhauling the Elon tech space to completely disrupting the real estate industry, what started it all At the peak of the pandemic in 2020, Elon Musk made a bizarre announcement with this tweet: I’m selling almost all physical assets down to science No home is when he owned seven homes and then sold six of them in the months after he couldn’t find the right buyer for a billionaire he really intended to be homeless.

No one was sure what he was doing in June Elon Musk finally got his wish He announced he found the buyer he was looking for He sold his last home Elon Musk was officially homeless while Elon’s On the contrary it wasn’t entirely the kind of person he was I don’t care.

The same man who was willing to move his family into his father-in-law’s basement to get Tesla off the ground and this guy who has come close to bankruptcy several times was becoming a habit who didn’t know him Elon Musk is just a crazy guy Had a lot of money for those who knew Elon Musk and certainly had a lot of money that no one should have.

The one thing that set him apart from his peers was that whenever he made such a sacrifice it was always because he had a dream that he was dying to fulfill, in this case a dream that There was no one else. The Other Boxing Story Before Tesla began flirting with the idea of building a permanent home.

Before Elon Musk started dreaming up incredibly small, incredibly affordable and incredibly sustainable housing, a handful of tiny companies were already in business. The company that started in 2017 and hit the headlines in 2021 has finally been bought by Elon Musk Elon Musk has had to sleep for months after being technically homeless and the sofa in his Boca Chica office was not cut.

When someone told them about the Boxable 50 000 foldable house, which can be built in under an hour, despite the fact that the house was basically a giant collection of Lego pieces that looked like a real house and had All the necessary facilities were there. There was a living area, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, as well as insulation and energy-saving lighting.

Alone was so impressed he indirectly endorsed the company in this tweet that he upgraded his Boca Chica office to the boxy condo right in his parking lot I’m kidding I can’t tell it was built in his parking lot Or not and it won’t take long for Tesla’s CEO to see real estate as the future of sustainability.

He took his original idea of the box home and improved upon it. They call it the Tesla Tiny Home. The Tesla Tiny Home exudes the same vibe you’d get from a romantic horse-drawn caravan home. It’s simple it’s practical and you can pull it along with your Tesla it wouldn’t be wrong to say it looks like an integrated RV but you’d be wrong if you thought it didn’t consider it a more advanced version .

First let’s talk about the jumbo jets and the spa and as I said earlier the Tesla tiny house is centered around self-sufficiency and renewable energy, this is a theme we’ve seen in all of Elon’s products and the tiny house is probably no different No Tesla flamethrower and tequila don’t cut it, but you can understand why Tesla’s Powerwall and solar panels play a big role in the tiny house for example.

In fact, Tesla’s solar panels are at the heart of Elon’s plans when he also ventures into the real estate industry in October. In 2016 they acquired Solar City as they intended to bring self-powered home to every home owner. These homes were fully equipped with Tesla Electric Vehicle Chargers Solar Roofs and Tesla Power Walls to conserve energy for future use, especially since Solar Roofs were not just panels on asphalt shingles, they were each sheet of solar tiles on the roof. were made of. This technology has greatly improved the efficiency of the roofing system, making it last longer than regular

Introduced in energy conducting system which can easily power the whole house in a way these e-homes started small houses but there have been lot of improvements and many more which we have skimmed so let’s have a look How Elon’s team optimized the tiny house’s solar and electricity and how the construction is better than any mobile home on the solar planet.

The Tesla Tiny House is equipped with a six solar panel system that fills its roof with tiny tiles. These tiles automatically tilt towards direct sunlight during adverse weather conditions like snow or rain, this allows the tiny house to make 4.1 kWh of energy which is more than enough to run the house but it’s even better This happens because once started, it quickly collects the energy it needs.

Tesla stores some of it in Power Walls. Power Walls are basically home batteries or inverters that convert energy into electricity by storing it and dispersing it. In the event of an outage or whenever you want to conserve your power consumption, the power wall is one of Tesla’s most sought-after repairs and its inclusion in the tiny house is what sets it above your favorite RV Is.

Now you must be thinking that solar power is cool and all but can it really do much. You will be shocked. Tesla has managed to ensure that the energy generated from the panels can support daily household activities which include electricity Electricity is needed to cover basically any home appliance, from cooking on the stove to ironing.

The panels and Powerwall package are one of a kind and the company is so confident of its durability that it has a 25 year guarantee but the cherry on top of all the features is the home’s heating system as it will hold its own no matter how cold outside the tiny house Will be able to make. As we talked about the interior, the build inside will always be warm. It’s time to talk about the exterior design of tiny homes. One downside of conservatory construction is that it takes longer to build.

More material gets spoiled due to weather and other factors, this has been a big hindrance for the real estate industry to take giant leap towards affordability, it is not good due to unforeseen circumstances like these factors along with cost of labor per hour. Like every problem we have faced, Tesla has managed to come up with a solution and this solution it found in concrete steel and EPS foam after years of trial and error.

These three materials were found to be able to degrade and are best for assembling the foldable houses, all the parts are placed in the laminated panels that make up the walls and roof and are joined together giving them a regular shape Shipping for couplings and most manufacturing takes place in factories not unlike Tesla vehicles now, although it may look like everything about Tesla’s tiny house is the same as what you’d find in a conventional dwelling I will get

It has a queen size bed, a washroom, a studio and kitchen app. Like refrigerator microwave stove and much more when you order your tiny home customize its setup in 15 minutes and you get exactly what you ordered the whole setup is installed on your smartphone Can be controlled via app This app lets you watch when you’re not home.

Receive power-on notifications and power status information to make sure everything in your home that needs constant power is practically safe and I do my best to avoid using the word, i am looking for charging outlets for tesla cars in this tiny house this will be the mother of all conveniences if you have a tesla vehicle and even if you don’t have a skepticism of sorts, you basically Others may sell electricity to electric vehicle users.

The selling point of these electric cars isn’t just in the sleek design and the fact that it’s state of the art, it’s in its integration. Just like the Apple ecosystem the Tesla tiny house integrates into the Tesla ecosystem of products it creates. This energy loop where your tiny house is powered by solar energy which in turn powers your electric car which can drive your tiny house.

The big question is when will the Tesla tiny house be available at this point, no one knows with the prototype currently shown in Australia and more promised before the house goes into mass production, until then we can do He may have crossed our fingers but if you want to keep up with Elon Musk’s inventions and businesses.


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