Inside Tesla’s new $2 billion Cybertruck Gigafactory.

The building inside Tesla’s new $2 billion Cybertruck Gigafactory is the most advanced car factory Earth has seen during the launch of its new Gigafactory Giga Texas Elon earlier this year, finally announcing that the new Austin plant is home to Cybertruck. Will be prepared as Cyber.

Will start truck manufacturing in 2023 and has many challenges to build it has been installed for over two years which makes this new multi-billion dollar cyber truck the perfect product to build an ultra futuristic vehicle that the new Gigafactory buildings All were different and there’s a lot of movement between the buildings. The thing we thought about was to actually think of an integrated circuit like a chip.

Which is everything in one package and now this is what you got Told Chief Franz von Holzhau it’s an intense couple but we’re going to have it for you next year and it’s going to be great it’s been an intense couple year But we’re going to have it for you next year and you’ll be good. The two men are considering the idea of ​​smashing its window with a hammer as they did in the original 2019 Cybertruck.

Then decided to refuse as the crowd applauded me Don’t hit my hammer this time GigaTexas The site covers an area of ​​about 3 million square feet which is roughly the equivalent of 60 football fields Tesla has now with this new addition There are a total of six factories around the world, one of which is Giga Texas. Allen said the design is designed for the largest factories in the world.

Not only because Tesla wants high volume production at the plant, but also because they want the factory to be vertical for on-site battery cell production, properly designed and integrated together they consider their Gigafactories to be original. The RE product cars of Tesla are simply a byproduct of the process thus Gigatex is the most customized auto manufacturing factory in the world.

No automaker even comes close to that. Tesla and Elon have already revolutionized the production line of cars but they’ve seen Gigatex take vertical integration to the next level. All the various shops are arranged so that production is actually in motion along the assembly line, from the supply of materials for production on one side of the factory.

On the other hand it not only saves the precious time spent on production but the land on which the factory can build the current manufacturing building occupies a space equal to about 15 city blocks and if you place the building on its side. to keep. in order to maintain. If erected for maintenance, it would be more than 300 meters taller than Burj Khalifa.

No wonder Elon claims it is the largest factory building in the world, it is taller than the Burj Khalifa which is 80 feet tall, it is the equivalent of three pentagons, the factory can produce 500,000 vehicles per year, In addition to the Cyber, Gigatex will also manufacture Tesla’s new Semi Truck and Model Y SUV when the truck is fully operational.

Tesla has already begun production of about 150 models per day, the foundation of the huge new Giga press developed by the Idra Group and first needed for the molding of Cybertruck chassis components. Is. Is. It’s already late. I have made a full video on them and if you want to see more gigtex, hopefully it will be out by the end of this year.

Tesla also says that the factory will have a zero-waste policy, meaning all waste produced will be recycled or reused, and has even done so using the factory’s on-site farm. Will go Plan of. She would make her own food If all this wasn’t enough then within a few months of the opening of the new factory, Tesla decided to expand Gigatex with an additional 500,000 square feet of building on the site in downtown Austin.

It is rumored that the factory is already creating over 5,000 jobs in the Austin area and will add a few thousand more in the coming years. With all this development work the stage is set and it looks like Elon is on track to start brainstorming Cybertruck within the timeline announced by Tesla, so let’s take a refresher on the much-anticipated vehicle.

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