Inside Tesla’s New $7 Billion Gigafactory.

Tesla has overtaken Toyota to become the most valuable automotive manufacturer in the world in 2020 Tesla has long been admired for its innovative and sustainable approach to design and manufacturing, but a major reason behind Tesla’s rapid growth It is that its value has suddenly reached new heights.

Among the new operations centers the company is launching that CEO Elon Musk has focused on increasing productivity for years is Giga Berlin, a 7 billion German mega factory, with some surprising features like a cave and swimming pool in the factory. Pools and electric cars are widely praised as the next big step in global transformation.

Take an in-depth look at the multi-billion dollar factory and see what really makes Giga Berlin so special to Tesla. Is. As a major expansion, the market value of 2021 Tesla is now US$776 billion which is a far cry from the US$137 billion value of Toyota and Volkswagen cond and third place. A major reason behind Tesla’s rapid growth is that Elon Musk focused on increasing the company’s productivity in 2019 Musk opened Giga Shanghai as the first Tesla factory outside the US and has since been around the world.

Four more factories have been opened due to the announcement. till 2022. One of these is Giga Berlin for which $7 billion is being invested, with the approval of its Golden Steering Wheel, to establish the first Gigafactory in Europe located in Berlin Musk. During the speech, the whereabouts of the mega factory were accidentally announced. Berlin’s sudden announcement in 2019 stunned the crowd and quickly created equal parts hype and intrigue about what the new factory would look like.

When his reasoning for choosing Berlin as the center of Tesla’s new European factory was questioned, Musk built on his love for the historic German capital. As the famous saying goes before I came to Berlin, let us also add That these are the best nightclub jokes in town. Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to both the automotive industry and Tesla’s sustainable priorities.

With Germany’s long-established reputation for engineering and automotive manufacturing, it is home to many of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Mercedes-Benz Audi Volkswagen BMW and Porsche. Many of these manufacturers have fallen out of favor in recent years due to issues of underperformance and scandals involving their CO2 emissions and sustainability, given their reputation for world-class engineering and a population that is often the top concern of its voters. Is.

One ranks climate and sustainability. It’s not real. Wonder if Musk would choose Berlin as the basis for his plans to revolutionize the European car industry. There is currently $7 billion being invested in the project. One can expect the new factory to look a lot like Tesla hasn’t made much official comment on the project.

It has promised that the Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg will be the most advanced high-volume electric vehicle production plant in the world, with the promise of a similar factory in 2020. Bound to boast of an impressive array of facilities in late 2015, Elon Musk was quoted as saying that Giga Berlin would almost certainly be the world’s most environmentally friendly factory locally.

Recycling both materials and energy so that excess heat generated from production can be directly dissipated and used to heat facilities. The year being built with these kinds of sustainable practices in mind is crucial for Musk to deliver on his key environmental promises, the plant aims to produce Tesla batteries.

The new ones will be released publicly in 2022. expected to leave. hopefully. To assemble the model. Other important components of Tesla’s motors such as battery packs for their new vehicles, the Giga Berlin facility will be another valuable production Yonde Manufacturing Giga Berlin factory that will serve as a hub for sustainable energy storage, solar and wind. ready.

Energy has the potential of both storage and harnessing, so as to promote the use of sustainable energy sources with a focus on sustainable energy use. Giga Berlin in the German province of Brandenburg has the highest level of sustainable energy production per capita in the entire country, the state has over 3 700 wind turbines, 35,000 solar plants and more than 500 biomass facilities, and the wind power industry alone.

Already employing about 7,000 people with such green infrastructure, the Tesla Mega factory looks set to be a perfect fit with its new neighbours, the only factory Giga Berlin, which employs more than 10,000 people. There are going to be multiple production floors providing employment.

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