“It’s so fast”: Nigerian man buys Elon Musk’s starlink shares experience cost

A Nigerian man has successfully imported Elon Musk’s Starlink network and shared his experience. The new network will compete with MTN GLO and other telcos for data customers over wider reach. A Nigerian man, Bello Gadebo has taken to social media to share his experience using Starlink the recently launched Elon Musk satellite internet service.

He was one of the few Nigerians who made an offer when he announced plans to launch and expand his services in Nigeria in 2022. Musk announced in his Twitter handle that Starlink will be activated in August 2022 in Nigeria. $99 starter kit.

On Wednesday, Jan 4, 2023 Gbadebo shared his first experience after taking delivery on his Twitter handle @Gbahdeyboh Share your amazing story with your editors He says his first experience has been amazing and the network speed has been impressive Is. Almost immediately testing approx. 20 mbps and it went up to around 240 mbps later Lethargy is awesome moreover. I am testing from Abeokuta, Ogun State where I have struggled a lot with sub par internet.

Even the hubs here haven’t figured out the internet a bit yet, so it’s really a big deal to me that I’m able to get over 200 Mbps. Bad. Wonder if it would have been better if it was mounted on the ceiling.”The most effective method to Purchase Starlinks in Nigeria As per Gbadebo, he visited the Starlink site and paid utilizing a domiciled dollar card. He uncovered that he pre-requested it in October when it was free for delivery.

The pre-order cost $100 the last order was in December and it took a week and a few days to get here. The cost was $500, making it $600 total.” Starlink Announces Public Sale Meanwhile, Starlink recently issued a statement that interested customers in Nigeria can order a starter kit for the hardware at a price of $600 (over N438,000 at the current parallel market exchange rate) . will be able to. Can preorder. Starlink also said customers would pay $43 (N31,390) per month to subscribe to its services, The Cable reports.

Some portion of the assertion read: “Request now to save your Starlink. Starlink hopes to expand service to your area (Nigeria) in 2023. When your Starlink is prepared to send, You will get a warning,” the assertion said. How Starlink Works Starlink is a low latency broadband Internet system designed to meet the needs of consumers in rural areas with low Internet penetration.

It provides super-fast internet via satellites to rural areas, and is theoretically capable of delivering 150 Mbps internet speeds to any place on the planet. Its high-speed, low-latency service is made possible through the world’s largest constellation of highly advanced satellites operating in low orbit around the Earth. Starlink is famous for its impressive internet speed of 104 Mbps, which is in contrast to the average cellular internet speed of 17.38 Mbps. In addition, the use of LEO satellites is expected to significantly reduce internet downtime.

List of companies leaving Nigeria, CEO explains the reason The companies bid goodbye after playing a major role in employing thousands of Nigerians. The CEOs of the company have given their reasons for leaving Nigeria, with one of them insisting that he will not return. Elon Musk announced in a tweet on Friday that Starlink, the satellite internet service launched by his space exploration company SpaceX, has been approved in Nigeria and Mozambique.

The news comes three days after Musk answered to a tweet about the help send off in Africa.”Without a doubt, the crucial countries in Africa will be enunciated soon,” he tweeted. “Starlink will work any put on Earth that we are truly permitted to serve.” Starlink works more than 30 countries where it is legitimately maintained, fundamentally, where it requires a grant to give Internet services.

Its send off in Africa, explicitly Nigeria is in progress from 2021. Last May, SpaceX sent a few delegates to the Nigerian Correspondences Commission (NCC), the country’s media communications controller, to examine the chance of getting a permit to work Starlink in Nigeria.

Confirming Musk’s tweet today that the NCC has approved the license, local press, Nairametrics report publication also noted that the license obtained by Starlink Internet Services Nigeria Limited (its trading name) falls under the Web access Supplier (ISP) classification. Other specialist organizations like telcos and confidential administrators likewise go under this class and are working it will begin from May 2022 for 10 years.

Starlink brings much needed competition to Nigerian telecom operators like MTN and Airtel who have to compete against each other without improving their internet quality. However, there is one argument against Starlink: It’s expensive. At $110 (~₦60,500) for preorder – also its monthly price – and $599 (~₦330,000) for a complete kit, which includes terminal, mounting tripod and Wi-Fi router, Starlink is too expensive for the average Nigerian and Mozambique users. Its premium service costs around $2,500 (~₦1.375 million) for the full kit and $500 (~₦275,000) monthly.

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