Jay Leno: Elon Musk deserves ‘a lot of credit’ for leading EV charge.

Comic and vehicle gatherer specialist Jay Leno hasn’t even seen a four-wheeler or bike he could do without.

As evidence the man has a collection of more than 200 cars and bikes in his garage outside Los Angeles but has shown a particular interest in electric vehicles in recent years under the leadership of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. partially spark.

He must get a certain amount of credit to lead the charge because before Elon people would say ‘It’s a golf cart,’ Leno told Yahoo Finance. People will joke about lightning that they are slow and anything can happen.

Leno, whose show Jay Leno’s Garage enters its 7th season this September, has owned a Tesla Model S for several years and it is the only car he has sold from his collection. He sold it only to get a new Tesla Model S Plaid.

His interest in the EV space began in 2007 when Musk visited Leno’s garage with a Roadster prototype.

I remember sitting there and he said okay, what I want to do is build charging stations up and down the coast, remembering Leno. And I’m going okay it should be, it feels good.’

Lenovo had doubts at the time as a couple of electric vehicles like the GM EV1 and Honda Insight EV+ were out and about. The idea of making a charging network was to some degree unfathomable.

According to US News & World Report, by 2021, there are more than 31,000 individual Tesla charging points spread across approximately 3,500 Tesla Supercharger stations around the world. Roughly a third of those stations are scattered throughout the US in all 50 states.

Leno said that at the same time he started building the car, he started building the infrastructure. You could drive from LA to San Francisco when the car started. You see many other automakers come to the EV market and say you can charge it anywhere.

Fifteen years have passed since that discussion in the carport and presently pretty much every customary automaker has an aggressive EV change plan. Additionally, President Biden as of late marked the Inflation Reduction Act, which would extend government tax breaks for Americans who need to purchase sensibly evaluated EVs.

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