Judge Tosses Out Whoopi’s Lawsuit Against Musk and Twitter

Whoopi Goldberg’s Hail Mary lawsuit against Elon Musk and Twitter has failed after tough 65th District Court of Rights and Warrants Judge Joseph Barron declined to authorize the case, calling it a “travesty of litigation.”

Goldberg claimed in his lawsuit that since Elon Musk had banned him from Twitter, it violated his constitutional right to free speech. Musk’s attorney, Sandra De Batt, reminded Judge Barron that his account was deleted after Goldberg voluntarily left the stage.

What we have here, Ms. Batt said, is someone who wants their privileges restored so they can join and leave as if Twitter were the place to do these kinds of things.

Barron said Twitter is a private place and Mr. Musk can do whatever he wants,” which is true, “there is no merit in the matter.” Which, consequently, would be true. Twitter’s Rules and the Bill of Rights Work The manner of doing sometimes interrupts the natural flow of sarcasm that makes you laugh.

In this case, it’s simple: Whoopi can’t sue people just because they were mean to her or because they didn’t get her way. Articles like this don’t go anywhere. Finish a trial or punish him little Kyle but cool? Tater o’clock and I wanna rock.

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