Just in: Elon Musk Bashes ‘Woke’ ‘Barbie’ Movie On Twitter Calls For Boycott

Unprecedented drama unfolds as Elon Musk criticizes ‘Barbie’ movie and calls for Twitter boycott In an unexpected twist to the ongoing story of the widely banned ‘Barbie’ movie, tech billionaire and Twitter’s unofficial critic Elon Musk His latest tweet – a scathing critique of the highly ‘woke’ film – has sent shockwaves across Hollywood and cyberspace, provoking laughter, outrage and every reaction in between.

It all started on a slow news day, when the CEOs of SpaceX and Tesla decided to break up the monotony by poking fun at the movie “Barbie,” a film that was slow at the box office and panned by critics. Also serves as a punching bag. One can only imagine Musk sharing his clever movie reviews while taking a break from solving the world’s transportation and colonization problems in the confines of his high-tech den.

Musk tweeted, “‘Barbie’ – worst movie ever,” adding a face-palm emoji for good measure. However, he didn’t stop there. In true Musk style, he said, “Wake up in a coma. Neuralink is needed to keep it going.” Elon, always the master of subtlety.

The Twitter world reacted as expected. The tweet triggered an explosion of reactions, retweets, memes and discussions that enthusiastically agreed with others jumping to the defense of the film. And of course, there were also those who were just there for the popcorn-worthy drama.

Isn’t there something strangely ironic about Elon Musk, a man known for pushing the boundaries of technology and societal norms, criticizing a film for being overly ‘woke’? Is this pot calling the kettle black, or perhaps Musk is simply proving that he’s the only person allowed to shake up the status quo?

Meanwhile, as Musk’s tweet continued to trend, the ‘Barbie’ movie received the kind of publicity that even the most seasoned PR professional could not do. After all, it’s not every day that the richest man in the world buys your film. This dubious honor was not lost on the film’s PR team, who seemed unsure whether to cry or drink champagne.

Hollywood also watched with a mixture of wonder and dread. Tinseltown insiders were left wondering whether Musk’s tweet was an indication of criticism of the film or, God forbid, his next venture into filmmaking. Just imagine how ‘woke’ a Musk-directed film on Mars would be if Dogecoin was included as an official currency.

As far as the general public was concerned, they enjoyed the unexpected drama. Nothing beats the joy of watching a Hollywood movie attacking a tech mogul. The social media frenzy was testimony to our collective love for controversies, especially those involving big names and big egos.

Still, one can’t help but feel sympathy for the ‘Barbie’ movie. What began as a humble attempt to reimagine a childhood icon for the modern world has turned into an icon of perverted culture, and has now been declared .The dubious honor of being done has been received. It’s going to sting.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, this episode is a miniseries in the “Barbie” movie saga. It has weathered worse storms — box office flops, criticism from purists, and now scathing reviews from a tech billionaire. If anything, it’s a testament to the film’s resilience, or at least, its ability to stay in the news.

And what about Musk? Well, after going on a Twitter rampage, he’s probably gone back to his lair, laughing at the chaos he’s caused. Or maybe he’s busy drafting his next tweet, ready to cause a stir once again.

The drama didn’t end with Musk’s criticism of the ‘Barbie’ movie. In an unexpected follow-up tweet, he took things to a whole new level by urging his millions of followers to boycott the film completely. “Save your time and your dollars.It was an unprecedented move that stunned both the film industry and Twitter.

This call for a boycott increased the intensity of the unfolding drama, turning Musk from an sarcastic critic into an active participant in the film’s ongoing struggle. It was no longer just about the whims of a billionaire; It was about a powerful man potentially using his influence to sway the commercial fortunes of a film.

The rise in popularity of Musk’s tweet took Hollywood and the ‘Barbie’ film team by surprise. Boycott the Barbie movie? It was a conspiracy you couldn’t figure out even if you tried.

Whatever the case, one thing’s for certain — between the constant “awakenings” of the “Barbie” movie and Musk’s cheeky tweets, we’re in for a wild ride. So sit back, get your popcorn and prepare for the following episode of “Elon Musk.

So here’s to drama, laughter, and the unpredictability of our modern world. Let’s hope that the ‘Barbie’ movie hits its stride, Musk finds his next target, and we humble viewers continue to enjoy the show. After all, isn’t that fun?

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