Kathy Griffin is Homeless Thanks To Elon Musk

Kathy Griffin Is Reportedly “Hanging Out With Friends” According to Hollywood Insiders In fact she’s not just hanging out with friends; She’s crashing in her guest room and pool house.

“Kathy lost everything in the arrangement with Elon Musk,” said her deep rooted companion, Joe Barron, “she’s truly battling to find work due to the entire thing, and she in a real sense has no place to go.

The most recent reports have the ginger jokester living in Alyssa Milano’s cabana, which is a one-room condo by most norms. Be that as it may, it appears as though she might have stayed too long.

“It was wonderful to have someone with you all the time before all else, but as of now it’s to some degree a,” Milano told CNN. She cries a ton these days, and it upsets my own sentiments.

Milano, who has been hot for her whole grown-up life, additionally feels that Griffin is holding her back sincerely. “I was on this bar creep and this astonishing person was conversing with me, and Kathy came over and made a dick joke. It wasn’t perfect.

Milano says she won’t fire Griffin, yet wants to find a replacement soon. “She’s a piece senseless,” he said, “and what’s engaging, she knows it and trusts it’s a joke.”

Griffin’s showcasing expert declined to comment other than to allude to the entire story as “waste”. ” Musk said he was vexed for destroying it, but expected to get comfortable with his outline the absolute most troublesome way.

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