Kathy Griffin Settles With Elon Loses Her Shirt “I’ll Never Mess With Him Again”

Kathy Griffin’s legal battle with Elon Musk is officially over after Griffin impersonated the billionaire for her own financial gain after her Facebook traffic was scaled back in November, according to a source following a story against him. Filed a multibillion-dollar lawsuit.

Griffin loses millions on HBO special after doing Musk a favor. Then, he publicly begged her not to sue him over his pants. Now she will spend the rest of her days trying to amass enough money to retire and leave something to her son, Peter Griffin.

The settlement is for an undisclosed amount but experts say Musk has never settled for less than $25 million. Joe Barron Musk’s legal hitman said he doesn’t get out of bed. This should serve as notice to anyone who thinks they will beat Elon Musk at anything that he is the most powerful man in the world. He can ruin regular people, even rich and famous regular people.

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