Khloé Kardashian will have soles custody of baby boy.

Khloé Kardashian will have sole custody of the child.

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have decided that The Kardashian star will have sole custody of their second child. The son of television personality Khloé and basketball player Tristan was born via surrogate on August 5. While Khloé attended the birth.

Tristan took care of the couple’s now four-year-old daughter True. Tristan and Khloe’s relationship ended publicly before the news broke that Khloe was expecting another child with an NBA player via surrogate.

The pair’s relationship was plagued with infidelity which led to Khloe and Tristan splitting several times. When court documents from a paternity lawsuit between Tristan Thompson and Marelle Nichols a fitness model Tristan slept with during his relationship with Khloe became public.

The pair split for the last time in the season finale of The Kardashians where viewers first saw how devastated Khloe was when sister Kim Kardashian told her that Tristan had fathered a youngster with one more lady while dating . While the romantic part of their relationship is over.

Less than a week after Tristan and Khloé’s son was born a source familiar with the couple told Hollywood Life that Khloe and Tristan have agreed that Khloe has full legal and physical custody of their child.

Khloe who was initially overseeing the construction of a home for her Tristan and True before the couple broke up will now live in the house without Tristan with their two children. The decision of custody may not affect Tristan.

Khloé’s Co-parenting Strategy The source said that even though Khloé will have full custody of the child she is as happy for Tristan as she wants in her child’s life.

According to the source, the mother of two doesn’t care much about Tristan joining the family. Khoe isn’t worried about whether or not Tristan decides to be there for her child because she has a village of support around her.

Tristan has certainly made sense for his son to be a very present father. And couldn’t be happier. The source for the baby said before the birth of her son, Khloe wasn’t worried about whether Tristan would be in the hospital.

Khloe keeps Tristan emotionally distant. The father of her children still takes an interest in True. and taking care of his son. The reality star and founding of Good American is putting the ball in Tristan’s court with regards to his involvement as parents.

Tristan has reportedly not met her son Theo whom Marlee Nichols gave birth to in December last year but has expressed her desire to remain in Khloe True and their son’s life after his breakup with Khloe.

Time Spent Co-Parenting Viewers of The Kardashians can get a closer look at how Khloe and Tristan’s family dynamics are developing in Season 2.

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