King Charles is Too Political for the USA.

The second Sovereign Elizabeth II passed on Thursday, Ruler Charles became Lord Charles III. As Britain and the 14 Commonwealth realms adjust to their new head of state, Charles will begin his role as a monarch in 2022 and crucially decide whether he will continue his activism from the throne.

Prince of Wales Charles did not balance on climate. The world is on the verge of what he wrote earlier this year and we need war-like mobilization if we are to win. Now as king he will be forced to walk the paper-thin boundary between political advocacy and the throne. How he handles his proactive instincts will certainly affect his popularity in the UK and Commonwealth. But this is America where Queen Elizabeth II’s marshmallow diplomacy has for decades been the distinctive brand of making Americans soft and quintessentially non-politically attractive.

If Charles continues his active work, he may lose not only the approval of the American public, which is already filled with memory of his ’90s, but also American interest in the British monarchy. The so-called special relationship between the US and Britain, built through decades of cooperative secret sharing and linguistic compatibility, is unlikely to derail. Nevertheless, this loss of interest would mean the loss of a British instrument, which for the best part of the last century has wielded a quiet power, helping to strengthen arguably the most needed transatlantic friendship.

The Queen, for her part, was widely regarded as the ideal ambassador for America. She has met 13 of the past 14 US presidents and understands the personality of the current government, according to Robert Treynham, an assistant professor at Georgetown University who has studied Queen and America. relations. When he visited England, he took horse fanatic Ronald Reagan out for a long ride, after watching Dwight Eisenhower over Scotch pancakes and even Dwight Eisenhower enjoying himself at Balmoral. Was sent. He was previously George H.W. Bush, a lifelong fan of the sport. Barack Obama said that she was actually one of his favorite people.

The Queen not only saluted the presidents, she enthralled the American public, despite the fact that Americans fought a war to free themselves from the tyranny of British rule two centuries earlier. She has consistently received high approval scores in polls – 72 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Republicans reported having a somewhat or very favorable view of the monarch in a May 2022 YouGov poll. Part of this fascination was largely due to royal institution: According to McGuire striker Bloomberg and a former Newsweek editor who modeled after Britain’s Elizabeth, Americans loved all the horror and spectacle around the Queen. , who used to see their family as the royal Kardashians. about.

An important element of this appeal is the family’s enduring celebrity status. Celebrities come and go. James Vaughan, a British historian at the University of Chicago, says that pop stars fade, entertainers, television stars, movie stars fade.

The royal family persists. In addition to being in the rarest of fame, the queen held appeal across the Atlantic because she could and could remain firmly above the political arena. There is a secret admiration among Americans, says Vaughan, for the fact that British politics separates the head of state and the head of government. Our White House is more like a palace than a townhouse and our president can act more like a king than any prime minister who has ever been devoted to Alyssa Tamarkin, Anglophilia Diff, and America’s antebellum. Authors can add. The monarchy in England is just for show.

Vaughan said the Queen took the role of head of state very seriously. McGuire says the Queen looks like a blank slate to avoid controversial comments like oysters. The thing about celebrity blank slates is that the fan can write whatever they want on that slate. They can identify themselves with that person in any way they want.

On the other hand, Elizabeth’s eldest son Charles has certainly relaunched decades of progressive projects in the political arena that have often been climate-focused. At the age of 21, he gave his first major speech on the subject at a countryside conference in Cardiff, drawing attention to the dangers of plastic pollution and overpopulation. It was long before environmental concerns became a topic of mainstream political discussion in the 1970s. He later reflected that others of the time saw him as a complete potty.

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