Liz Cheney lost the primary as Trump attacked his most prominent GOP critic.

Liz Cheney R-Vio estimates that Cheney has lost her political profile and her campaign lost its primary Tuesday to criticism of the former president reports ABC News Donald Trump-backed Harriet Hejman around the potential threat to American democracy.

Cheney’s defeat was largely expected given the partisan makeup of his seat and the turnout showed him trailing Heisman. Trump won Wyoming in the last presidential election with nearly 70% of the vote.

Yet Cheney’s defeat is Trump’s biggest victory in his retaliation tour against intrapartisan opponents and a warning sign to other anti-Trump Republicans who are overtaking him.

In a speech from Jackson Farms Tuesday night, Cheney said Tonight Harriet Hejman has got the most votes in this primary. This primary election is over. Contrary to that call with Trump still refusing to accept the 2020 race.

The election between Cheney and Heisman both put conservative policy platforms at stake played largely with national themes and loyalty to Trump.

Cheney focused on criticizing Trump over his role in last year’s deadly Capitol rebellion lauding his re-election bid as a fight to uphold the GOP’s principles.

Hageman echoed Trump’s claims of baseless election fraud and rebuked Cheney who as a lawmaker focused more on downgrading the de facto GOP leader as an MP.

The fate of Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney is in the hands of voters .Cheney has a well-known surname and Hejman is well-bred.

But over time it became clear that the three-time legislator was weak as the Wyoming Republican favored his opponent in the election.

In a sign of Cheney’s weakening with members of his own party his campaign launched an outreach effort to convince voters how they could change their party registration on the day of the primary although activists refused.

Said there was little hope of there being enough Democrats to turn Cheney’s fortunes. A long time back, I won this essential with 73% of the vote Cheney said in his discourse on Tuesday.

No seat of the House no office is more important in this land than the principles we have all taken an oath to defend he said. Also I see very much well the expected political outcomes of not playing out my obligation.

There was absolutely rigging in the election. It was rigged to ensure that President Trump cannot be re-elected, he said at a campaign event earlier this month indicating his ideological alignment with Trump. gives a signal. What happened in 2020 is treason.

Heijman alluding to his triumph over Cheney on Tuesday, depicted it as returning the Wyoming House seat to people in general.

I will be accountable to the voters and citizens of Wyoming because I am one of you and like you I am sick and tired of having no voice in the US House of Representatives.

States that may refuse to report the actual results of the popular vote in future elections. And we have congressional candidates including Wyoming who refuse to believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 election and suggest that the state will skew the result.

No American should support the election’s denial of genuine responsibility for any situation where our future will be ruined by refusing to follow the rule of law he said.



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