Liz Cheney says she is thinking for running for president in 2024.

Delegate Liz Cheney said early Wednesday that she was pondering running for president in 2024 a possibility that would test the public feasibility of a moderate enemy of Trump stage that utterly failed in Wyoming .

Ms Cheney who filled in as previous President Donald J. A challenger backed by Trump who lost more than 35 percentage points in her House primary to Harriet Heijman on Tuesday also announced the formation of a political action committee The Great Task that aims to educate Americans.

The board recorded an explanation of association with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday. Its name refers to the Gettysburg Address in which President Abraham Lincoln stated that the great task that lay before us was to ensure that this nation under God shall be born of liberty and government of the people. For the sake of the people the people will not perish from the earth.

Addressing Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday Cheney at first stayed away from whether or not she had a 2024 mission at the forefront of her thoughts.

But under pressure she said It’s something I’m thinking about and will make a decision in the coming months. I think overcoming him will require an expansive, joined front of Republicans Democrats and free movers she said of Trump.

Later referring specifically to the lies he’s told over the past few days about the FBI. Despite his search for Mar-a-Lago and his exposure by federal law enforcement officers he faced threats from his supporters saying he believed there were millions of Republicans and Americans in this country.

However while most Democrats and free thinkers go against Mr Trump what Republicans do are a little minority of citizens who will pick the party’s chosen one of every 2024.

And keeping in mind that a Democrats in Wyoming changed their party connection to help Ms. Cheney in her primary. When the alternative was a far-right Republican it is hardly clear whether Democrats would support him nationally when the alternative was a Democrat.

Ms Cheney’s record particularly on foreign policy is a curse for many Democrats and she indicated in interviews on Wednesday that she would continue to pursue policies she said the Republican Party for was standing.

Including beliefs in limited government and low taxes and a strong national defense and that the family should be the center of our community and our lives.

Ms Cheney who has helped lead the House investigation into action by Mr Trump and his aides around the Capitol riot and said she would continue that work in the months before her term ends in January she told Republicans.

Who have gone with Mr Trump in rejecting the legitimacy of President Biden’s victory. He warned against adopting Mr Trump’s cult of personality and said the country needed leaders who would stand his oath whether politically convenient or not.

McCarthy is ready to become House Speaker in the event that Republicans recapture control of the chamber in November. In any case, when Ms Guthrie found out if the nation would be in an ideal situation assuming that the Democrats stayed in control Cheney abstained from sponsorship it.

The detractors of the election right now are Republicans. And I think it doesn’t matter which party you’re from.

To Wyoming voters who criticized Trump for focusing too much on those issues and the former president posing a potential threat to American democracy he said As a nation you have to debate and discuss another.


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