Liz Cheney Trump foe loses Wyoming primary Murkowsk Tshibaka face off in the Alaska primary recap.

Former President Donald Trump’s tour of political vendetta came to a halt in Wyoming on Tuesday defeating one of his biggest critics in the Republican Party by a double-digit margin.

Liz Cheney R-V lost to a Trump-backed challenger. Cheney is deputy chairman of the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riots and Trump’s role in abetting it.

While some Republicans have stood for Trump  10 in the House voted for his second impeachment ​​none took him as strongly as Cheney, who has said that Republicans are not faithful to both Trump and the US Constitution.

Cheney’s race was the main event on Tuesday which also included a special election in Alaska to replace the late GOP Representative Don Young who died earlier this year. The Frozen North electors will utilize rank-decision casting a ballot to choose an individual from Congress from a field of three.

Palin Begich Peltola advance for US House seat in Alaska general election.

Businessman Nick Begich III former Govt. Sarah Palin and tribal activist Mary Peltola will advance in November’s general election for Alaska’s only congressional district.

All three candidates are also competing in a special election to fill the seat by the end of the term of the late Representative Don Young who died earlier this year. The results of that vote were not immediately available Tuesday.

The state’s non-partisan primary system allows the top four vote recipients regardless of their political party to advance to the general election.

Murkowski, Tshibaka both head for Alaska general election. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska headed Tuesday for her home state’s general election hoping to win it in her favor through a new non-partisan primary system.

Murkowski’s challenger Kelly Shibaka also went ahead in November where they would both be on the rank-choice ballot in the fall.

Murkowski’s broad base of Republicans Democrats and independents could help him stay in the seat for a fourth term.

The senator is the only member of his chamber to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial which faces voters this year. Others have retired or are up for re-election in 2024 or later.

Previous elections have now closed in Alaska. There are two time zones in the state, with some western islands running an hour later.

Republican Chuck Gray, a state legislator who has proposed several electoral integrity measures won the Wyoming GOP primary for secretary of state.

Grey, who was endorsed by Trump has repeatedly claimed that the last election was rigged and filled with voter fraud despite multiple agencies and jurisdictions proving those claims to be false. He is involved in at least half a dozen so-called election denials running for the post of Chief Electoral Officer in the middle of this year.


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