Liz cheney’s necklace marks the end of an era for the GOP Trump’s party now.

Liz Cheney’s emphatic primary defeat marks the end of an era for the Republican Party as well as her own family legacy with Lincoln’s party as the most high-profile political casualty ever in Trump’s party.

The fall of the three-term congressman who has declared his mission to ensure that Donald Trump never returns to the Oval Office earlier this year apparently foreshadowed the first anniversary of the principal commemoration of the January 6 assault on the Capitol.

As the House calls for a moment of silence Cheney who is leading the investigation into the rebellion as deputy chairman of the committee and his father former Vice President Dick Cheney stand almost alone on the Republican side of the House.

Democratic lawmakers shook hands. Republicans declined to join him. Liz Cheney represents the Republican Party as it used to be everything is gone now said Geoff Kabaservis vice president of political studies at the center-right Nisken Center.

What happens next for Liz Cheney is still to be determined. Now the real work begins she said in an election night concession speech in Wyoming calling on the legacy of both Abraham Lincoln and his Civil War-era military and replacement Ulysses Grant in his mission against Trump.

Cheney could very well have announced his own run for the White House a hostile Republican party unlikely to win the nomination but at least to give Trump opponents a choice.

Overnight he transferred the remaining funds of the campaign to a new unit The Great Task. This is the idiom of the Gettysburg Address.

I will do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office Cheney said on NBC’s Today show early Wednesday. the coming months.

Whether she runs or not her belief that Trump is a threat to democracy is a conviction that runs deep in her family.

Trump is purging the Republican Party ridding it of dissidents like Cheney and others who dare to defy him shifting the coast-to-coast GOP landscape and the makeup of Congress.

Of the 10 House Republicans including Cheney who voted to impeach Trump for inciting a rebellion at the Capitol on January 6 2021 only two became candidates for re-election. Others have bowed out or like Cheney lost to Trump-backed challengers.

If Republicans regain control of the House and Senate in November’s elections a new Congress is set to be rebuilt in Trump’s image.

Although their influence can actually be cut in two ways for Republicans to win back the House the party costs the Senate if their candidates fail to generate the broad appeal needed for statewide elections.

It’s just the party of Donald Trump’s fever dreams said Mark Salter a longtime Republican ally of the late Sen.

Cheney has been a significant influence in Washington ever since Dick Cheney first ran for Congress later elected vice president to the arrival of his daughter coinciding with Trump’s White House victory in 2016.

The Republican Party along with Cheney’s aggressive defense wing along with President Bush represented the cornerstone of the GOP in the post-World War II era when it was a party of little government low tax collection and strong international strategy.

Liz Cheney never wavered having been elected by House GOP colleagues to the same position as her father the No. 3 Republican in the House its most noteworthy positioning lady.

Cheney was vocal in attacking the defeated president and blaming him for his false claims of voter fraud and rigging.

Trump called this mob gathered the crowd and lit the flames of this attack she said at the time announcing her vote for impeachment.

There has never been a greater betrayal by the President of the United States of America than his oath to his office and to the Constitution.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy initially defended Cheney but quickly backfired as Republicans removed him from the party leadership.

Trump rejoiced at Cheney’s GOP primary defeat Tuesday night ridiculing him as sacred and stupid suggesting that his claims of rigging were false.

Trump swooped in in the Cowboy State to rally Harriet Hejman who was once highly critical of her but defeated Cheney by embracing the former president backed by McCarthy and other party leaders.

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