Måneskin VMAs performance censored after wardrobe malfunction reveals nipple.

TV viewers of Damiano David were about to watch Menskin’s “Supermodel” performance at the MTV VMAs 2022 on Sunday night.

Within seconds of her performance, the network cut the scene of empty seats to about 40 seconds, when her bassist top fell and her breasts fully opened.

According to the photographs, Victoria de Angelis moved to the front of the stage as a crowd of dancers surrounded the band.

Notwithstanding, as everybody hopped and moved, her top would accumulate around her midriff, leaving her totally uncovered.

But, since the show should go on, the 22-year-old basically continued playing bass, making the cameras get some distance from the band.

Fans who had no idea about the wardrobe malfunction immediately took to Twitter to express confusion and disappointment over MTV’s creative decision.

“MTV disrupted that you chose not to show the show on the vacant seats played again and again. What are you wrong!? Ruined their performance. Owe Menskin Sorry. One viewer tweeted.

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