Marc Benioff says every CEO in Silicon Valley has asked themselves if they ‘need to unleash their own Elon

Salesforce is cutting 10% of its workforce and capping headcount growth CEO Marc Benioff says he had no choice but to move on after co-CEO Brett Taylor left Elliott Management on Wednesday Salesforce reported strong quarterly results on Wednesday, said the company needs a sustainable leadership plan.

Musk’s leadership approach has been heavily criticized but not everyone is dismissing it. Many tech-world leaders are looking to Musk’s experience for lessons, and in a new interview, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talks about the unexpected tech Turns out to be one of the executives who is watching and learning—and maybe feeling a little jealous.

Like Twitter, Salesforce plans to run lean and mean Every CEO in Silicon Valley has looked at what Elon Musk has done and asked themselves ‘do they need to bring out their Elon? It’s an existential question if you’re any kind of executive at the company, Benioff told Insider. Benioff you have to look at it and say it’s a very unorthodox management style. But like I said, don’t underestimate what you’ve done. Can go

This is a far cry from Benioff’s previous declarations that Salesforce is one big family with the Hawaiian word Ohana at the center stage of his corporate philosophy. Earlier this year, Salesforce laid off nearly 8,000 employees amid tough economic conditions globally. At the time, Benioff said, “I wish I could be offered the job of a lifetime.

But the reality is that when you have a large company with 80,000 employees, there are times when you have to make adjustments to the workforce. Layoffs at Salesforce have been mirrored throughout the tech industry, with Meta and Google doing it in equally apologetic ways. Reported deductions from

But it looks like Benioff has done a U-turn on this soft stance and is now taking cues from Musk’s way. Salesforce’s latest draft business plan calls for capping headcount growth and profit margins at more than 30%, according to Insider. lifting up to; reducing general and administrative expenses, and reducing selling and marketing expenses; and the real estate deduction.

“Run lean and low” and “spend like it’s yours” are some of the harsh words of wisdom that guide document employees Salesforce’s Q4 success Benioff’s Musk-inspired approach to efficiency is working, Salesforce said Wednesday reported stronger-than-expected quarterly results.

The software giant’s revenue rose 14% to $8.38 billion, and it more than doubled its share repurchases to $20 billion. The results were met with a cautiously optimistic response from Elliott management, vowing to improve profit margins and cash flow. One of the many activist investors putting pressure on.

The investment firm, which manages more than $55 billion in assets, said the result “represents progress toward regaining investor confidence.” Speeding up edge targets, dependable Focusing on capital-return needs, setting up a business change board and disbanding the M&A panel are important stages,” however much work remains.

Salesforce needs a reasonable initiative arrangement and a board that exhibits it can give responsibility through legitimate oversight. Since he helped to establish Salesforce in 1999, Benioff focused, refering to interior changes he has seen beginning around 2008. also, confronted comparable monetary choppiness during the Incomparable Downturn of 2009.

But he remains optimistic that unlike Musk’s new dawn at Twitter, doubling productivity at Salesforce won’t affect its “Ohana” culture. Now we just have to make some adjustments.” And that doesn’t mean our culture changes. Well, it just means that we have to run a business. Business is business, but business can be the biggest platform for change.

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