Musk Complains of ‘Too Much Work’ After Taking Over Twitter.

Elon Musk made his bid for Twitter Inc. Tesla Inc. investors’ fears came to the fore. He must have had a lot more work on his plate, which he certainly did on Monday. Musk said during a presentation at B20 Indonesia this week in Bali. Having a business conference with Summit Group. I am fully functional that I can work from morning to night, seven days a week.

Musk, who apparently joined the conference via video link from Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, tweeted hours later that he would stay in the building all night and work and sleep there until the organization was settled. I also covered Tesla after Three Minutes said it would stick with the carmaker’s stake this week Tesla shares fell 4.9% to $186.34 shortly after the start of regular trading in New York.

The stock has nearly halved since Musk revealed he was taking a stake in Twitter in early April. What Musk describes about his work schedule is reminiscent of how he depicted hellish times when Tesla began production of the Model 3, its first mass-produced vehicle. was. under the sofa or desk.

When Musk was pressured to step down as chairman after falsely claiming that he had secured funding to take Tesla private, the company eventually increased production with the help of a tent erected in the parking lot of the Fremont factory. Successful campaigning. Musk’s Twitter turnaround effort is off to an equally chaotic start. That Tesla engineers have been brought in to review Twitter workers’ code. Top executives have laid off nearly half the workforce and intimidated advertisers.

In his first address to employees last week, he said bankruptcy was a possibility if Twitter didn’t start generating more cash. How Musk operates was the most consistent topic of many stalled conversations at Monday’s B20. The billionaire, wearing an Indonesian batik-print shirt sent to him by the organizers, said there was a power outage at his location, which was not disclosed at the time. Musk currently runs Twitter Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. He also runs tunneling firm The Also founded The Boring Company and brain-chip developer Neuralink Corp.

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