Musk’s Twitter Risks Being EU Outlaw After Staff Exodus

Twitter Inc’s leading EU privacy watchdog said last week that it is deeply concerned about the social media giant’s ability to comply with EU laws, following an exodus of staff and reports that it has fired a senior executive in Dublin. He had to go to court to avoid being fired. Twitter’s top data watchdog in the European Union said it contacted the company on Monday seeking answers to a number of questions and assurances about its compliance with EU law.

Authority Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle said on the phone that we are very concerned about what we are reading in the media. We have again sought answers on Twitter this morning. The global vice president for public policy was granted an injunction after telling an Irish court that she was treated as if she no longer worked for the company.

The Irish watchdog, the main privacy authority for some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech firms in the EU because of its base in Dublin, says it has been in almost daily contact with Twitter’s Dublin office following the departure of staff in recent weeks. Is. Is. Is. , Which has caused security fears. Initial concerns were addressed when Twitter appointed Dublin-based Renato Monteiro as its acting data protection officer following the departure of the firm’s top privacy chief.

But fresh concerns have emerged as Twitter may run short of staff to ensure continued compliance with EU rules, including the bloc’s stricter General Data Protection Regulation, which in all cases attracts hefty fines in case of a breach. Puts Puts. May be the reason. Twitter lost its remaining employees in recent days at its Brussels office, a major EU regulatory hub for any large tech company.

Concerns about Twitter’s lack of transparency towards its employees and the role still being played for the Irish watchdog, which is required to ensure that the company stores EU user data in Dublin, are in line with EU regulations. may continue to make decisions about processing under It is important for the company to retain Dublin as its main center in the block.

After meeting with Twitter employees in Dublin last week, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said he was concerned about how the dismissals and resignations affected the company’s ability to comply with EU rules. . While they had received concrete commitments that EU user data would be protected, they said they needed to see concrete measures for full compliance.

In addition to privacy rules, big tech firms like Twitter must comply with the EU’s new Digital Services Act, which follows concerns that social media create offensive or misleading information that could destabilize and undermine politics and society. . can harm people. has done little to stop the spread of the material. If it doesn’t comply, regulators can issue strongly worded demands and fines equal to 6% of Twitter’s annual revenue.

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