NFL WEEK 1: Bills dominate Rams in season opener.

The NFL is officially back in action, but the defending-champion Los Angeles Rams didn’t look to get the memo. The night LA ​​raised its Super Bowl banner, the Josh Allen-led Buffalo Bills came to town and surrounded Aaron Donald and the Rams on Thursday Night Football 31-10.

Here are the top action dramas of Thursday night. Buffalo Bills 31 Los Angeles Rams 10.

Whose house?

The rams were warmly welcomed by their home audience to launch the ’22 campaign’. The troupe erupted over Sophie Field while its 2021 championship banner descended from the rafters, and Nipsey Hussle’s “Last Time That I Checked” was heard over the loudspeaker. The conventional second flagged the beginning of their looming title guard bid.

Didn’t take long

Josh Allen and Gabriel Davis took up where they left out from keep going season and jumped aboard in only five minutes.  Allen froze the Rams D with a mock play, and found Davis a wide open on the right side of the field for the first TD of the Buffalo season. Allen went 5-for-5 on the initial drive.


Allen started the game with 10 straight finishes and could have had 11, but Isaiah Mackenzie was unable to reel in a hot Rocket on a short lap. The ball hit Mackenzie’s mitt, and Rams LB Terrell Lewis stopped Buffalo’s promising drive in his tracks.

Business fight

Turnover Chain began trading hands in the second quarter. Bills RB James Cook dropped a fumble in the first innings of his career, but Buffalo got the ball back courtesy of an INT from Dane Jackson.


Do we have SB What else should you expect? MVP scored the Rams’ first TD of the season. Cooper Kupp made a career out of an acrobatic catch, and he pushed his toes past the end zone to complete LA’s score.

Not on this hill

The Memes were adamant to have Troy Hill back on their roster after losing a season and rewarded their desire to snatch LA’s second interception with a big break on the ball toward the finish of the primary half. Matt Gay took 57 yards to tie things up at 10 a.m.

Make a statement

Allen clearly pulled the pair of INTs back halfway. He stuck his hand in Nick Scott’s face before Mackenzie was taken out, causing a significant fall, with a fall in the first half leading to an INT for the forward score.

It’s a bird. This is an aircraft. Josh Allen! The President’s MVP candidate does not back down from the contact, and has given the Bills a 24–10 lead, leaping to pass the pylon to Rams LB Bobby Wagner.

Woo is there

Ask the Bills if they care who the defending winners are. He has been chosen to take on it this entire season, and his focus is entirely on the present. Jordan completed Buffalo’s second pick of the night, and after three plays Allen made a deep flight with Stephen Diggs to take Buffalo to 21.

Unique one

The Bills are showing why they had a top-order defense a year ago with their third INT of the game. Big Boogie Basham caught his hand while attempting a Stafford pass and snatched the ball out of the air.

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