Nick Kyrgios vs. Karen Khachanov US Open result score and highlights as Russian progresses to the semi-finals

Karen Khachanov’s icy performance saw Russia advance to the semi-finals for the first time after beating US Open favorite Nick Kyrgios 7-5 4-6 7-4 6-7 (3) 6-4.

For a place in the final, Kyrgios will face fifth seed Kasper Rood of Norway, 27th seed, in a match that lasted three hours and 41 minutes. Khachanov came to play from the start of the match and maintained his composure throughout, going through a period of Kyrgios’ dominance and apathy. The Australian looked close to retiring with a knee injury in the first set and eventually lost the opener before winning the second set.

With Kyrgios recovering, Khachanov won again at a crucial moment in the third set to win 7-5 before going into the fourth-set tiebreaker. It was Kyrgios who stepped into the breaker in clutch moments and forced the fifth and deciding set. But while it was all on the line, Khachanov was the strongest player, breaking the first game of the fifth set before riding several break points on his serve to reach the Grand Slam semi-finals.

Kyrgios performed at his highest level at the end of the match, but the Russian was too strong to win the best of his career. Nick Kyrgios vs Karen Khachanov Live Scores & Results

   1st set    2nd set    3rd set      4th set            5th set
Nick Kyrgios           Five         Six          Five        Seven(Seven)  Four
Karen Khachanov   Seven    Four       Seven           Six (Three)  Six        

Nick Kyrgios versus Karen Khachanov Updates, Highlights

Khachanov wins 6-4: Khachanov wins and advances to semifinals! He will face Casper Roode for a place in the final.

Kyrgios has 4-5: The Aussies are in love and now it’s up to Khachanov to serve up the match.

Khachanov advanced 5-3 in the semifinals of the US Open amid Russia’s lead. He did a great job in this set.

Kyrgios has 3-4: Whoa. Kyrgios saved two break points and he is still alive!! Incredible tennis.

Khachanov has a 4-2: What a service game. Khachanov has been huge in this set. cold as ice. Lasts up to 15.

Kyrgios has 2-3: Easy serve game for Kyrgios. He lives in competition. Can he take another look at the service of the Russians?

Khachanov holds 3-1: The Russian again saved a break point to put the service on hold. He has been huge in the big points.

Kyrgios holds 2-1: The Australian has a comfortable service game for 15. He’s chattering at his box. Can he break back?

Khachanov holds 2-0: Khachanov saved a break point with a fast-moving serve and was caught. Strengthens brakes.

Khachanov breaks 1-0: Russia takes the lead in the final set with a brilliant game. His defense was excellent.

We are walking. Kyrgios has a record of 11-3 in five sets.

Kyrgios wins 7-3 tiebreak: We are going in five sets. Kyrgios brings his step up in the tiebreak and travels across the set.
Kyrgios took a 5-1 lead in the tiebreak Kyrgios has performed brilliantly in this tiebreak. He has stepped in when it matters.

Kyrgios lead 3-0 tiebreak: A great start for Australia. He flies off the block.

6-6 to Kyrgios: We’re going to tiebreak. Will we get a fifth set?

Khachanov 6-5: Loved Khachanov and we’re going to tiebreak if Kyrgios wins his service game.

Kyrgios 5-5: The Australian holds his serve and we are again at 5-5.

Khachanov holds 5-4: Khachanov saves a break point after a Kyrgios error. He was tight. We’re going to the wire.

Kyrgios 4-4: We were 30-30 but Kyrgios ran away afraid of the hold. Now on to the business end of the set.

Khachanov holds 4-3: After retreating, Khachanov sticks his nose forward. An important match is coming for Kyrgios.

Khachanov breaks 3-3: Wow. Kyrgios applied the brake directly behind. Khachanov has given a great return. back to service.

Kyrgios breaks 3-2: Another turn. The double blame from the Russian allows Kyrgios to take a break. Are we going five?

2-2 Kyrgios: Kyrgios’ serve comes back with a vengeance. He wins to love.

Khachanov holds 2-1: Khachanov loves. Kyrgios looks flat again.

1-1 near Kyrgios: Aussies struggle with an early unforced error but get a crucial opening catch.

Khachanov has 1-0: an easy serve game for Khachanov. Seems Russian focused. It will be difficult for Nick to make a comeback in it.

Can Nick fight back?

Kyrgios is shocked by the difference in closes. He breaks a container of Gatorade before his seat. An admonition is gotten.

Khachanov breaks down to win 7-5: What a battle the Russians fought. Kyrgios surrendered and Khachanov returned to some quality tennis to gain the set.

Khachanov holds 5-4: Wow. Russian saves and holds another two break points. Kyrgios explosion. Now we have a tough competition.

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