Noah Lyles made a name for himself in the history books with the world 200m gold in 19.31 seconds.

Noah Lyles produced an impressive performance at the Arena Championships on Thursday to maintain his 200m mark in 19.31 seconds, turning into the 1/3-fastest athlete ever on hiatus and a second U.S. sprint podium. Sweep led.

Lyles, who won Olympic bronze in Tokyo, led at midway point and exploded to the end, with compatriots Kenny Bednarek (19.77) and 18-year-old Ariane Knighton (19.80) in scuffles and straight downs for silver and bronze. .

Liles isn’t satisfied with how fast he’s getting out of the block in some of his races, but he said the primary few meters were “the beginning of my lifestyle”.

Liles unbuttoned her blouse after the end as the home crowd in Eugene, Oregon, roared with approval, and hugged rival Knighton.

“Today is my day – I finally got to do what I dreamed of,” he said after breaking four-time Olympic champion Michael Johnson’s U.S. nationwide report.

Lyles’ time first appeared as 19.32, which could have tied Johnson’s record. However, it turned into a valid 19.31 by the time his back got bigger, with the 25-12 month old really shocked when he saw the new parents on the clock.

He got so wrapped up in the second that Lyles said he was the first to be unaware of his margin of victory – or even what medals his teammates got.

Thursday’s race for the American men in Eugene became a 1-2-three second after Fred Kerley, Marvin Bracey and Trayvon Bromell ran the 100 meters. It is the first time a United States has exceeded a two-man sprint in the same year in the world.

It marked a surprise change from the Tokyo Olympics a year earlier, while the American people went on without any man or woman singing the song.

Lyles said he had gone through a transformation well, regaining the way he loved the sport after going through Tokyo with “a big goal” upon his return.


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