Noem’s opponent calls for special prosecutor to investigate ethics complaints.

Gov. Kristi Noem’s  rival in November’s gubernatorial election is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the misconduct claims against her.

The Government Accountability Board did not return calls to The Center Square seeking comment, but reports indicate the panel has raised questions about the governor’s use of state airplanes in the attorney general’s office.

The GAB also agreed to proceed with the complaint regarding Noam’s actions regarding his daughter’s valuation license.

Sherry Braine, former director of South Dakota’s appraiser certification program, told the Joint Government Steering and Audit Committee in December.

She was meeting with Noem and others at the governor’s mansion to discuss the governor’s daughter. She was scared. branch.

Acting Attorney General Mark Vargo said in a statement to The Center Square that his office will be diligent in our duty and the Government Accountability Board will thoroughly investigate the complaint submitted to the Attorney General’s office.

Vargo said he was unable to affirm what was in the grievance and that the examination and protest would stay secret. Noam appointed Vargo as acting attorney general after Jason Ravensborg was impeached in June.

It was Ravensborg who documented a grumbling to the GAB about an alternate circumstance including the lead representative’s utilization of planes and his girl’s evaluation permit.

Representative Jamie Smith Noem’s Democratic opponent in the upcoming general election said in a news release Tuesday that Vargo should distance himself.

The Board has now met seven times and taken appropriate steps to evaluate these complaints against Governor Smith.

The unanimous conclusion of the board which includes four retired and respected judges is that Gov Noem’s conduct is suspicious enough to warrant a serious investigation into whether any laws were broken.

Noem was condemned for involving the plane for out-of-state trips. She told the Associated Press last year that the trips were part of her duties as ambassador to the state.

Ian Fury, the communications director for Christie’s governorship, criticized the GAB’s actions.

All of these complaints are political and are filed by a disgraced former attorney general who literally killed a person, lied about it and tried to hide it.

Fury said in a statement that Governor Noem was the first to call him and he filed these complaints in retaliation. It is unfortunate that the board decided not to end the game today.


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