Oh-My: Elon Musk Clowns AOC Over Latest Anti-Billionaire Rant, Makes Her Look Silly With His Response

Elon Musk who owns Twitter mixed it up with Social Media Influencer Rap AOC who tweets a lot Elon also owns the now defunct AOC Like many top social media influencers the AOC representative once announced to the world That she is leaving Twitter. Our story begins with Rep. AOC boasting about billionaires Rep. AOC is known for creating content that expresses his hatred and resentment towards successful people.

She thinks it is unfair that they have more money than she does, and demands that the government take some of it to give it to her, as well as want other people to pay off her student loans. He then lashed out at Elon Musk Twitter should flag tweets promoting misinformation, but AOC’s tweet isn’t tagged for some reason Representative AOC says Musk controls Twitter That’s the truth Musk doesn’t control anything yet.

Representative AOC’s misinformation aside, as well as his strange use of the word unilateral. I know she thinks it makes her sound smart but that’s like saying Bob one-sidedly owns the local bakery then he’s Tucker Carlson and shame on Musk for being a cheap date for Peter Thiel. Elon Musk answered and showed that he knew exactly what it was.

Representative AOC is jealous that she can’t date Elon. He Told Social Media Influencers “Please Stop Targeting Me” Because “I’m Really Shy. Elon Is Kidding. He Can Do Much Better Than Repeal AOC. He Is Making Fun Of Social Media Influencers When He Said That Republicans only criticize him because they know they could never date him. The difference is that when Musk says that he’s kidding, Rep. AOC was serious about it.

The representative AOC didn’t do an Instagram live where she continues and fails about Elon Musk failing her arms making her look like a clown. But you know it’s coming. While Twitter employees are working 12-hour days under threat of termination, their boss Elon Musk continues to troll Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and potentially limit her account’s features. There will always be a special level of rap in the rich boys’ club of Silicon Valley.

To respond to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her position on taxing the upper income bracket. That’s because AOC is everything self-made, articulate, charismatic, and warm that a major tech founder could wish for, but never will be. His special respect for Ocasio-Cortez is just one of today’s subplots in Twitter’s chaotic transition to the Elon Musk era. It begins with an exchange between AOC and Musk on David Sachs late Tuesday, and relates to Musk’s new plan to charge $8-a-month for blue-check verification.

After Ocasio-Cortez complains that “lmao a billionaire is honestly trying to sell people on the idea that ‘free speech’ is really an $8/month subscription plan, says Sachs @nytimes @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic Why isn’t it free? Their billionaire owners should have stopped giving us those products for free out of greed. Respondent Ocasio-Cortez Are you truly likening an application where individuals are speedy clasps heaving racial slurs on old papers that really care to confirm new sources. Furthermore, they don’t charge their writers/makers for ‘need’ arrangement.

Then late Tuesday night, he cryptically noted that he had the features disabled. Also my twitter mentions/notifications aren’t working smoothly tonight so I was notified via text that I feel like I’ve gotten under the skin of a certain billionaire, just a reminder that Money will never buy your way from people with insecurities. On Wednesday morning, she shows the receipts, a verified information field clearly visible. Yo @elonmusk when I care about you, why should people pay $8 to shut down your app when they say something you don’t like? she tweeted.

This is what my app looks like because I bothered you with my tweet yesterday. What’s cool is I don’t think there’s a lot of free speech. Musk also posted a picture of the sweatshirt, which costs $58, in his campaign store. Ocasio-Cortez replied that my employees are unionized, have benefits like full health care + childcare assistance and are all paid a living wage.

At least the earnings go into community work like teaching children. You’re a union buster with an ego problem who pockets the change by underpaying people and mistreating them. Whatever happened to the AOC account, I think it’s probably a bug. We’re going to see a lot of bugs in this totally chaotic transition to the new $8 subscription service for Verification.

And Twitter employees are reportedly working marathon shifts trying to grasp the entirety of what’s in the office. But while they do so, Musk and his cronies are messing around on Twitter and trying to troll AOC for attention.

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