People are cancelling tesla order because they are so disgusted with elon musk

His personality is affecting the Tesla brand as a whole I look forward to an Alone-free existence.

It’s not just Tesla investors whose CEO Elon Musk has taken a heavy dig at his Twitter acquisition.

Even the company’s customers are wary of associating with the beleaguered billionaire, as CNET reports, choosing a competitor or canceling their orders.

“His personality is totally tanking the Tesla brand,” a biotech executive whose Model S lease is almost up told CNET.

I look forward to a loner-free existence The report highlights Musk’s actions—including making apparently transphobic comments, spreading misinformation, and preventing journalists from getting hurt.

The swift reversal of the new policies is taking a real toll on Tesla’s reputation.

Another Model 3 tenant, who dropped his request for another Tesla, told the distribution, “I would rather not help an organization or somebody who behaves this way.”

Where this infamy leaves the company that was once an iconic brand remains to be seen.

Musk has a lot of damage control to do in the coming weeks or months as he searches for a CEO to lead operations at Twitter.

Tesla shares are in the gutter after falling more than 60 percent since the beginning of the year.

Investors are furious at Musk for leaving the company during the crisis.

On Monday, Wall Street downgraded its rating on Tesla after a disastrous weekend filled with Musk’s tomfoolery.

Honestly, this is likely distant from the end for Tesla.

The company still has a healthy head start on its competition in the EV space.

But the cracks are starting to show and this time Musk’s outrageous behavior is not going unnoticed.

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