People World War 3 Are Coming Elon Musk Shouts.

Politics and Elon Musk Elon Musk predicted the start of the Third World War after Putin’s words about artificial intelligence. The head of SpaceX and Tesla, as well as the co-founder of the non-profit research company OpenI, warned of competition for dominance in the field due to the threat of World War III of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk wrote an entrepreneurial response to this on his Twitter, writing about The Verge’s publication of Putin’s speech to Vladimir in which he touched on artificial intelligence to remind Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 1 during the Projecteria Forum.

The country that manages to gain leadership in the field of artificial intelligence becomes the ruler of the world. Putin said that he would not like to see such a powerful monopoly in a specific hand. According to the entrepreneur it is not the head of state who can start a war.

But artificial intelligence is one of the systems that would consider that a preemptive strike is the most likely way to use Gakarta’s belief that a corporation would become the creator of the artificial intelligence that sparked World War III.

Musk said that states will always be able to acquire artificial intelligence technology, companies will transfer such technology at gunpoint when needed. Billionaire Mark Cuban joined the debate. Musk tweeted and wrote that the main threat to humanity is autonomous weapons.

The Tesla founder has repeatedly expressed concern about artificial intelligence. He is convinced that artificial intelligence can lead not only to war, but to civilization. Destruction Therefore the entrepreneur believes that governments should take control of AI, this is one of the initiatives of the Corporation Project.

The company is developing so-called neuroless tiny electrodes that will be implanted into the brain to load ideas and vice versa. According to Musk, such an upgrade would help humanity avoid subjugation. In what Putin believes, the founder of SpaceX and the head of Tesla, Elon Musk.

The struggle for superiority in the field of artificial intelligence could lead to an outbreak of artificial intelligence between countries. World War I is such that the inventor and businessman reacted to the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that the development of AI technologies is not only new The horizon opens.

But it also poses serious dangers, Musk said, adding that the computer’s decision could cause SpaceX founder Elon Musk to comment on Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s statement about artificial intelligence. Musk wrote in his Twitter that Russia, China and other countries have focused their attention on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Musk Elon said it has begun competing for excellence in the field. National level artificial intelligence is the most likely threat in this case to the start of the Third World War. Mainly in computers and robots only if artificial intelligence determines this.

A preemptive strike against the enemy can lead to victory. The leaders of the country will not be able to impress the inventor in any way. As an example, he cited North Korea and the situation around its missile launch.

The threat of a global military conflict is more insignificant than an AI attack. What to do with the launch The suicide of an entire elite of nuclear missiles by North Korea requires an immediate invasion of South Korea, overthrow the United States and China regimes, Elon Musk believes. According to North Korea should be.

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