President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he has been tested positive for Covid-19.

President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he has been tested positive for COVID-19 but will continue to work in isolation at the White House despite his mild symptoms.

Posted on Twitter, Biden told Americans he is “doing well” and that his symptoms remain mild.

But I have been double vaccinated, double boosted symptoms are moderate and I really recognize your inquiries and concerns.

But I am doing well, acquiring many paintings. Going to preserve it to completion and in the meantime, thank you for your issue and keep up the dharma.

It’s OK be OK,” Biden, who goes unmasked during an out-of-doors situation on the Truman balcony, said Biden as the White House says filmed through a masked and socially distanced videographer.

Moderate signs and symptoms and prognosis protocol for Biden – a double-boosted seventy-year-old at high risk for experiencing acute infection.

It is the first time Biden has tested well for COVID-19, and the last time he tested poorly on Tuesday, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Biden became known as many humans in the hours following his diagnosis. He wrote on Twitter Thursday afternoon that he was “doing remarkable” after the wonderful test and said he called on Pennsylvania politicians to regret about canceling a scheduled ride to the Commonwealth.

The tweet changed to a picture of the president smiling at a table, without a mask, inside the White House home.

In a memo sent to a group of staff obtained via CNN, White House leader Ron Klein said Biden would be running over the phone and video conference for the next few days following a high-quality result.

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