PSG’s Kylian Mbappé Scores Fastest Goal in League 1 History.

Let us know in detail Paris Saint-Germain made a very quick start in their match against Lille on Sunday.

To start the game, Neymar, Marco Verratti and Lionel Messi combined to advance the ball to Kylian Mbappe, who got PSG on the board with a goal just eight seconds into the game.

This set the record for the fastest goal scorer in League 1 history. The only time such a quick goal was scored in a Ligue 1 game was when Michel Rio scored in eight seconds against Cannes in 1992.

It was Mbappe’s second goal of the season and his first of two goals of the day. It started a very big day for PSG. Neymar scored two goals, and Messi also scored, giving PSG Cruz a 7–1 victory – their fourth win of the season.

Looking at their powerful lineup, PSG are certainly up for several memorable goals this season, but this particular highlight made history.

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