Rachel Maddow Says She’s Suing Elon Musk for “Taking Away Her Safe Space”

Rachel Maddow needs another holiday activity. With his career in ruins and no further prospects, he chose to watch Elon Musk and Twitter “shame him” months later, as someone recalled.

Maddow filed a $4 million lawsuit against Musk and Twitter for “mental harassment”.

“Discussion,” Alyssa Milano said, “my refuge,” “Twitter was where I went to communicate my thoughts and in some cases cry with my peers and fans.” She and Milano broadcast live for 30 seconds of hugging and crying, which was a slice of over-the-top action, especially since Maddow is a lesbian.

“So many people who have seen this woman since they were pre-pubescent kids are fed up with it a long time ago, and they send in Rachel Maddow? Wasn’t Portia DeRossi available?”

Naturally the reaction of the Left was general. He hijacked the entire scene and has given MSNBC over $3 million in the past so he can stay unemployed and “get well.”

On the other end. Roseanne Multiverse is doing well. Depending on what aspect of the show you’re currently following, there’s a good chance you’ll hear the news that the Dennis Mill operator will be joining them on a new television show.

It’s great to see that as nonconformists decline, they are steadily supplanted by talented, liberal conservatives like Roseanne.

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