Reagan’s take on Labor Day.

Let’s go back almost 35 years today and remember what then-President Ronald Reagan said about Labor Day on September 7, 1987. Every year at the end of summer we stop giving respect to working men and women. His hard work and dedication towards family and country has made the world the most independent most prosperous nation ever.

Their professions and professions are numerous, but they are united with diversity in their commitment to the ideals of democracy and the dream of a better life for themselves and their children.  Every generation in pursuit of that American dream has renewed the dignity of work and working people, Reagan advised in his public message for the day.

Labor Day provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the meaning of work not only as an economic necessity but as an expression of deeper human qualities. We can be truly grateful that God has blessed our country with abundance which has allowed us to produce large quantities of goods for people all over the world.

But we must always remember that of all our resources, none is more valuable or important than the American worker. We are delighted that more of our citizens are working than ever before and the President said that we remain a land of energy and opportunity.

Let us also take this occasion to remember the freedoms and sacrifices that have made our abundance possible. Reagan said that we have inherited a priceless heritage that has taken centuries to build and we must always recognize that it is our pleasure and a sincere responsibility to preserve and enhance it.

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